Insider Book Club: Zikora: a short story by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The award winning Nigerian author of the book, “Americanah”, and other mind blowing novels, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie comes to her readers with this spell bounding short story, “Zikora”.

Zikora tells the story of a well educated black woman who is about to become a single mother.

The book, “Zikora” is an intimate look at love, motherhood, African culture and estrangement.

She’s a 39 year old Nigerian Lawyer living in Washington DC. During delivery, her mother is present but looks in with tight lipped disgust as Zikora screams in pain and demands for an epidural;

“I was disgracing her now; I was not facing labor with laced-up dignity…”

The father of the child, Kwame, who is described as “a clean-looking Black man” is also a lawyer, but of Ghanaian descent.

They both met at a book launch. Kwame effectively refuses to respond to Zikora’s calls as soon as they both discover she’s pregnant.

Adichie lures the reader in by depicting scenes with vivid tones of imagery. Making it easy for readers to imagine and watch the events in the book unfold before their very eyes!

No doubt, Chimamanda is known for her storytelling prowess. Lovers and fans of “Purple Hibiscus” and the rest of Adichie’s books are highly advised to try this! 

As it is a short and captivating story, you can easily devour it.


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