Insider Book Club: Book Review: Think big by Ben Carson

Insider Book Club: Book Review: “Think Big” by Ben Carson  

The Book “Think Big” by Ben Carson talks about the personal experiences of the author. The book is an inspiration of how he transformed from having difficulties in school and family problems to become one of the most known neurosurgeon.

The books helps one to realize and utilize the gift of God. He said it doesn’t matter where one comes from, but with determination and focus, it is very much possible to reach where one wants to be. He also advised that your life is big, far bigger than what you have imagined. Inside lies keys to identify your potentials. He said never think you can amount to anything.

The author said you will attain a life that is rewarding, significant and more fruitful than ever thought possible. Ben Carson rose from his tough life to one of amazing accomplishments. He said, Think Big, where he gave the meaning of “Think Big”.

T- Talents:

   He said that we should use our God given talents effectively as that is where creativity lies.

H- Hope:

Don’t go towards something believing it won’t work out but have hope and expect the best.

I- Insight:

He said learn from other people’s mistakes, benefit from them and not repeating the same mistake.

N- Nice:

Be nice to people, friendly, helpful and socialize. He said it is important in life.

K- Knowledge:

He advised that we have to gain knowledge. He recommend that of active learning (Reading) than that if passive learning (Listening). He said it makes you think and learn to focus.

B- Books:

Read Nice books that gives understanding. E.g The Bible and Quran give direction. Books change our attitude and help us become better people.

I- In-depth learning:

He emphasized that we learn more day by day.

G- God:

We all need God in our lives. He is our creator.  We should prioritize him over everything we want to do. He should direct our paths because he knows the beginning and end. He said learn to make God your number one in all situation and decision you make.

Think Big is a book that we should all read, it will groom you as a student. You will learn more. We all have potentials that are needed to be identified, so as to be unleashed. Dream big, Think Big.


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  1. THINK BIG is one of those books I will recommend for anyone who wants to develop out of hard beginning/time. Most especially teenagers.

    We should appreciate the reviewer, Blessing Agunloye, for the detailed review!💙💙

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