Insider Book Club: Book Review: The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki

The Book — The Business of the 21st Century — by Robert T. Kiyosaki, an American businessman and author talked about how one can start attaining financial freedom in the 21st century.

The book is divided into three parts, which in turn have sub-topics.

The first part of the book “Take Control of your future” talks about how the present economic situation of the world is creating a perfect “opportunity” for people to start a business and earn their financial freedom.

The author, Robert Kiyosaki shared how the 20th Century Industrial Age has given way to 21st Century Information Age and how concepts of job security, pensions, social security are just not for this age.

Looking at the examples of Microsoft and Disney, he talked about how in all these economic down times, there are opportunities waiting to be explored. He talked about the four cash flow quadrants and in doing so, he explained why people are reluctant to change from E/S to B/I. He explained the entrepreneurial mindset, how it can help to achieve financial freedom and the key lies in harnessing passive income.

E = Employee
S = Self-employed
B = Business Owner
I = Investor.

The second part “One Business -Eight Wealth Building Assets” focuses more on the purpose of the book; it is one thing to talk about the concepts and theories and another to say something about a practical way or solution to financial freedom. Here, the network marketing is introduced as a way to start. John Fleming, a friend to the author and an expert with 45 years experience in network marketing succinctly visualize the benefits of network marketing.

Robert Kiyosaki explains, how the requirement of capital makes the transition to B/I quadrant challenging and how network marketing leverages your time and not money instead. He talked about assets that generate income as opposed to active income.  Finally, we get to explore eight benefits of network marketing but in doing so, he terms “assets”.

1) A Real World Business Education: Here the key essential elements of real world education were listed by John, which are:

– An attitude of success
– Dressing for success
– Overcoming Personal fears, doubt’s and lack of confidence
– Overcoming the fear of rejection
– Communication skills
– People skills
– Time Management skills
– Accountability skills
– Practical goal setting
– Money Management skills
– Investing Skills

2) Profitable path of personal Development
3) A circle of friends who share your dreams and values
4)The power of your own Network
5) Incomparable Leadership skills
6) Big Dreams and the Capacity to live them.

In the final section titled “Your Future starts now”. The author finally sets the reader free with knowledge and few things to care while pursuing this path (that is, entering into network marketing business).
The author shared how network marketing is a democratic way of wealth creation and it takes only persistence and sincerity towards achieving one’s own dream.

You can get the book, it is a nice read.


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