Insider Book Club: Book Review: Leadership by Brian Tracy

The Book “Leadership” by Brian Tracy is divided into nineteen chapters. Brian Tracy is passionate about training and developing individuals in achieving personal and business goals.

No one comes into the world as a natural leader, but we have seen many people who are being transformed into great people to inspire others to follow. Brian Tracy has helped people to become exceptional leaders.

The book “Leadership” covers about every dimension of contemporary business world; also, he shared his most valuable insights on important and difficult leadership challenge. He said leaders take responsibility for keeping themselves motivated. They meet this responsibility using some methods — one is vision. Great leaders possess “the ability to elicit extraordinary performance from ordinary people”.

Brian Tracy covered the essentials of leadership that includes mission, a bias for action, courage, inspiration, motivation, communication and team building. 
He also talked about the 3 materials a true leader must take action on  “Focus on Results”, “Self-Motivation”, and “Leaders Are Listeners”. He furthered explained that “Leaders are results oriented rather than activities oriented. Leaders are always thinking in terms of the results that are expected. He mentioned that getting results depends on asking you four questions:

1) What are my high value activities?
2) What are the key result areas?
3) What can I do that will make a real difference to the organization?
4) What is the most valuable use of my time?

He explained that Leaders are excellent listeners, the key to being an excellent listener is listening not only for their words but for the real message. He shared tips that are used in meetings and conversations with others. Here are the three tips:

Listen attentively
Pause before replying
Question for clarification

Brian Tracy suggested the methods to apply for each tips in chapter 19.


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