Insider Book Club: Book Recommendation: Seven Highly Effective Aces Of An Excellent Mind by Isaac .S. Atukpor

The book “Seven Highly Effective Aces of an Excellent Mind” emphasises on the seven aces, which youths and teenagers can apply in their everyday lives. It is a book that pushes us to overcome our challenges and encourage us to reach our fullest potential. I want us to all know that every individual on earth has capacities, potentials and we are created to make great impacts.

Number one Ace is “Separation”

Here the writer made use of a lot of examples to help the reader get a clearer picture of what he meant by separation. What the writer is saying is that your network is very important i.e. your circle of friends. It is being said that your network is your net worth, so what you are and the circles you keep matters a lot.

If the friends you are surrounded with are not bringing out the best out of you or you don’t have like minds, you separate yourself from them. Get to discover your path. The writer highlighted some factors we should separate ourselves from. He talked about unhealthy communication, that we shouldn’t engage ourselves in communication that doesn’t worth it. He said who you listen to matters. Another thing he said we should separate from is ‘talkertiveness’, he said we should engage in communication that yields benefit and not waste our time doing meaningless things.

Number Two Ace is “Wisdom and Understanding”

The bedrock of greatness is wisdom. Wisdom and Understanding are two power pivots that projects excellence. They make one to beat the best and remain the best. It is one thing to win a war and it is another thing to remain a victor. He said it takes a concept to climb the mountain and reach the top, it takes another concept to remain at the top. Wisdom is needed to climb and understanding is needed to remain at the top. The author said in the school of wisdom it is important to note that effort is important, but knowing where to put the effort makes all the difference. He encourages youths not to give up, the harder you work, the more knowledge you get.

Number Three Ace “Harness your Strength”

Looking at the world of today, many spend valuable time doing plenty things instead of investing it, focusing on a strength that will be of immense comparative advantage. The fact is the more we try to focus and lament over our weakness, the more blurred we become to seeing magnificent possibilities. The author said as long as we continue to bother our minds with our negativities, non – capabilities we can never see the ingenuity of God deposited strength in us. He emphasized on the steps to identifying your strength.
He said:
1) Write down what ignites your enthusiasm.
2) Weight the cost involved in manifestation of the strength.
3) What is the weight of the yielded result?
4) Know how the channel your strength
5) Invest in developing your strength.
6) Realize yourself as a unique being.
7) Create your own style and principles, make your strategy and not a camouflage.

Number Four Ace “Hard work”

Many desire to live a luxury life without working hard. Hard work has the most capacity to spur one into greatness. Hard work helps us to realise the opportunities at our disposal. Talent and hard work equals correct positioning.

Number Five Ace “Mentorship”

Oprah Winfrey said, “For every one of us that succeeds, it is because there’s someone out there to show us the way out”. Mentoring support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potentials, develop skills and become the person they desire to be. Mentors narrow the road for you.

Who is a Mentor?
Mentors are ladders that provide opportunities for upward climb in life. You need ladders (Mentors) to go up and need a ladder (Mentors) to stay up.

Mentors empowers us to fly.
Mentors are life coaches.
Mentors are life trainers.

Your best friend might be comfortable with your past but your mentor is satisfied when you fulfil your purpose.

Every aspiring potential has the capacity to break new grounds and make success tales when the right compatibility with the right mentor is found, so in your fight for excellence do not neglect this important weapon rooted in this. Get a mentor.

Number Six Ace “Fortitude”

He termed this as fighting spirit. Fortitude is the strength needed to endure pain or adversity, though the whole situation seem engulfed in total darkness and sure impossibility, but the will power, the uprising strength that springs from the positivity of the mind-set.

Number Seven Ace “Prayer”

Prayer is very important in our life. Prayer unveils power. It is the communication between God and man. Prayer empowers your capacity to do more than expected. Great vision, great ventures and great dreams are actualized in the place of prayer.
Prayer makes the rough path smooth and the crooked ways straight.


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