Insider Book Club: Book Recommendation: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success By Carol S. Dweck

Most times, we think positively to achieve our goals and make things go well with us in life. The book—Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck—illustrates how the world is divided into two groups of people; those with a Fixed Mindset and those with the Growth Mindset.

I define Mindset as the attitudes, beliefs and expectations we hold that act as the foundation of which you are, how you lead and ways in which you do things or interact with your team. Mindset is one of the predictors of success. As a student, your success depends on what you personally provide i.e. when you work hard or contribute success your career, goals evolves bringing with it new opportunities and progress in life.

Every student possesses a mindset within them and the basic idea is that the more positive one’s mindset, the more effective they are to think, learn.

People with a fixed mindset think intelligence is static while people with a growth mindset believe intelligence can be developed. They have the desire to learn so they embrace challenges and are not scared to work hard because they see it as a path to achievement.

People with growth mindset allow criticism from others because they see it as an opportunity to learn. They do not look at others success as a threat but as an inspiration for them to do more. They have greater confidence when doing things; they are happier, healthier and are capable of accomplishing more.

According to the Author, He said those with a fixed mindset see effort as a waste and believes that something good or success just happens without working hard. They ignore criticism; they feel threatened by the success of others. Their aim is to drag others down which often leads to a life of missed potentials.

My good friend, which one would you like to have (is it the Fixed or Growth Mindset?)
This book will help you understand the two mindsets (Why you must have a growth mindset, tools to avoid the fixed mindset and how to develop the growth mindset).



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