I promised myself never to give up until I get to the top – Lil Jay GoodBadBoy

A talented AAUA singer and rapper, Lil Jay also known as Goodbadboy. The young and versatile rapper shared his journey as a musician, what inspired him and the challenges he has faced so far. Exerpts…

Kindly introduce yourself

I am Ajemitale Omolaye Goodluck, popularly known as Lil Jay Goodbadboy. I hail from Igbokoda, Ilaje LGA, Ondo state but I live in Akwa Ibom.

Who and what inspired you to make music?

I got my music inspiration from Fela, King Sunny Ade and some other legend. That was because my dad likes playing their songs and I started rapping when I started listening to Dagrin songs but then I couldn’t compose my own song. As at age 16, I sang one of Olamide’s song from beginning to end which fascinated my classmates. Then a friend of mine advised that I started writing my own lyrics so I grabbed that and started writing my own song. My first song was released in the year 2017 titled ‘BACK TO BACK’. My brother inspired me to write the song but unfortunately I lost the track because there was no money to blog it. Though those that heard it appreciated it and this gave me the go ahead. God so good, I have released 11 songs with a lot of freestyles and still have many songs at hand to release. I also have many upcoming shows to attend. 

You are a musician as well as a student, how do you manage that?

Being a musician as well as a student is not a big deal for me as I get mostly inspiration from class especially from lecturers and students reactions. So it is cool being a student and a singer.

What are the challenges you have faced as a musician?

I have really faced a lot. The first challenge I’m facing is financial problem. Money is one of the most important thing that keeps music moving fast. There are sometimes I will have a lot of things or concepts to do but due to lack of finance I won’t be able to achieve that. Also my parents, you know how our parents are like. Sometimes when I go for show and come back late. Dad will start lecturing me about good manners, sometimes punish me and at times flog me. There are some other challenges I can’t really say it all.

Despite all these challenges, what keeps you going till now?

Determination is the first thing. I’m the kind of person that never give up whenever I’m determined to do something. I made a promise to myself never to give up till I get to the top because I believe in God and myself. I know I have talent and with that I will succeed. Also my brothers look up to me as a hero, they believe in me so I have to make them proud by not giving up. I believe I can do it and I will surely do it.

Where can people find your work?

My fans and readers can find my work on Instagram @Lil_Jay_Gbb, Twitter @goodbadboy, on Facebook @Jhay rap gbb and audiomack @lil jay rhap.

What message would you give to your fans?

My message to all my fans is that they should keep on supporting the boy, it’s not easy to satisfy everyone but I will try my best to make each of them happy. For those who wish to get in contact with me, below is my number.


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  1. I’m Edema Olalekan Samuel know as p5, I pray to God Almighty to send an Helper to uplift your carrier and make us proud of you indeed ….keep it up Skye is your limit #Liljay fans from #Ghana

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