I possess a good spirit of sportsmanship, I can transfer my knowledge into practice and promote the sporting activities on campus – Jackson Oluwafemi

As the heat of the Student Union election is increasing with common and breathtaking greetings from aspirants at major places on campus, AAUA INSIDER decided to greet the ‘political greeters’ and engage an aspirant for the position of the Sport Director of the Union – Jackson Oluwafemi.  in an exclusive interview Jackson shared his experiences, the changes he wants to make to the Union, what sets him apart. Excerpts…

Kindly give a brief introduce yourself.

My name is Jackson Oluwafemi, a 300level student of Adekunle Ajasin University where I am studying Human Kinetics. I am also an athlete and a freelancer.

When you say ‘freelancer’ what do you mean?

I have a raw talent of making digital artwork. I have to monetize it, so I work with couple of company home and abroad on a short time contract. But God so good now, I have my own registered business and I have people work for me.

You seem to be multi-talented in tech and art, tell us about your educational background.

I started everything in Ondo state, I attended St Anthony R.C.M Akure. For my secondary school education, I attended Omoluorogbo Grammar School Akure. Well, I’m still an undergraduate student of Adekunle Ajasin University where I’m studying Human Kinetics, which actually relates to my profession as an athlete. But I got couple of certificates online, from EDX and others.

What position are you aspiring for?

I’m aspiring for the position of the AAUASU 009 (Sport Director).

What are the experiences you have for this position?

I’ve been a sportsman for over 15 years and have been representing Ondo State. I am a multiple time national champion at the Nigeria Wrestling Federation. A silver medalist in the just concluded National Sports Festival. Represented Nigeria at the International Wrestling Federation. I’m one time sport director of the department of Human Kinetics and Health Education. Also a student of Human Kinetics and Health Education, which I believe I can transfer the knowledge have been able to get from the department for over three years into practice and promote the sporting activities on campus.

We have other vital positions in the union, why the position of the Sport Director?

Yeah they are lot of positions in the Union. But I decided to choose the position of the sport director because sport is what I have passion for and it’s what I love doing most. And I also believe it is the position where I can deliver best in the union.

What can you say about the current Sport Director of the Union, what are the things he is doing right, and the things he is not getting right?

Lovebayor. I can boldly say he’s one of the best director of sport I have ever witnessed since I got admitted to Adekunle Ajasin University. He’s done well hosted the first Vice Chancellor I witnessed in my three years stay in AAUA and which was a successful one. He led the AAUA luminaries to the HIFL competition and qualified for the next round, which I considered to be a very good job and he did a great work during the team stay at Benin, which he worked as the medical staff to the player and sometimes helps with the media. And about things he’s not getting right I think for now there’s is nothing to say about that he’s been trying his best, and we all await the AAUASU games this semester and maybe the Vice Chancellor game again.

What are the changes you intend to effect if you emerge as the Sport Director of the Union?

A lot of changes. Introduction of a football league competition across all departments in the institution. As this will give all departments equal rights to participate in sporting activities unlike the Vice chancellor where it’s based on faculty only. Introduction of athletics competition across all faculties. Working together with all faculty and departmental sport directors to create teams for all sporting activities we have on campus. Working with the right personnel in authority to help with the renovation of our sporting facilities and equipment that needs to be renovated. Also try to make sure each student has access to all sporting facilities and equipment on campus and also help groom individuals who are interested in one sport or the other and make them better. And lots more

What are the sane factors and characteristics that sets you apart from any other aspirant?

I’m who I am. I’m a very listening person that is ready to listen to advice of the student populace on how to improve sports on campus. I possess a good spirit of sportsmanship, which is one of the characteristics a sport person should possess. I’m a hardworking person that beliefs in teamwork rather than doing it alone. I have passion for the position I am aspiring for and not aspiring for the fame related to the position. I’m always ready to serve and not rule the student populace. Lots more.

What advice do you have for your opponent(s)?

Not an advice to my opponents only but to all aspirant vying for one position or the other. Election shouldn’t be a do or die affairs. Let all do our best and leave the rest to God to choose the best aspirant to lead. We all should have the intention of making the union better using each office.

What message do you have for AAUA students?

My advice to the student populace is to support and endorse an aspirant who has what it takes and experience of the position he/she is vying for. And make an investigation on each aspirant to know the best lady or gentleman for each position for the next academic session.


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