‘I did not contest because of peanuts, I am not desperate for power’, Master B speaks after Students Union election

A major contender and runner-up of the just concluded Students Union election, Adinlewa Bisodun, also known as Master B, has said he is not desperate for power, and that he never contested because of ‘peanuts’.

In an election held on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, Master B had 863 votes, while his opponent Ogunsanmi Kolade also known as Multiple had 886 votes. Just like a talking drum, some people felt the election was not free and fair, while some people believe the things that happened are normal in elections.

In a phone conversation, Mr. Master B shared some of the things that were not right about the election and the reality of our society. In most of his submissions, Master B said God knows the best, and what will be, will be.

‘I am not filing any petition’

Master B said most people said he should file a petition against the election. He said the Students Union Electoral Committee did not follow the time on the election time-table.

He said, “It is no longer a news. It is even visible to the blind that there was rigging. Yeah there was rigging. Because according to the timetable that the SUEC released that election starts by 9am and ends 3pm, but it is quite unfortunate that when it was 3 pm, they[SUEC] did not end the election until 6 pm. To some extent that is injustice, there is no sincerity. I have heard that I should channel my complaints, I don’t need it, I just leave everything for God.

“I have a kind of personal philosophy, for me to have come out to say I want to contest, I am not contesting for what to gain, but for what to give. There are so many things attached to these things behind closed doors, and you know the people that are involved, these are the past leaders. And that is the valid truth. But God knows the best. What will be, will be.

‘I did not contest for peanuts’

What most people believe is that most politicians contesting for political positions because of personal gains. However, Master B has said he did not contest for ‘peanuts’.

“Injustice is one of the problems we are facing in this country. I have never in my life witness this kind of SUG election, where election will be ending by 6pm, no. But I tell God, whoever is behind it, God should judge them.

“People were expecting me to react. The fact that they breached the time frame, I don’t count that as a victory. If a person should win, he should be a true victory. I told God that if my getting there will not glorify God, then God should not take me there. I leave everything to God. I know what it takes before contesting. I did not contest because of the peanuts. I want to leave an indelible mark.”

‘I am not desperate for power’

Master B said his desire is to make impacts in the union, be a source of blessings, and in he is not desperate to bring good things to the union.

“It is only if I am desperate for power that I will file a petition. I just want to make impacts wherever I am. I want to be a source of blessing to people, not burden.

To God who made me, the Union is dead. I just want to revive the union a little, and whoever succeeds continues from there. But now, I don’t know.”

Multiple is not my enemy

In the game of politics, they say there is no permanent enemy, nor there is no permanent friend. On MasterB-Multiple relationship, Master B said that Multiple has never been his own enemy.

He said, “The guy [Multiple] that when we were contesting, if I greet him, he hardly answers. He has never for once be my enemy. I might not be the anointed candidate. But one of the problems we are facing is that they never let righteous to positions of power. But God’s knows the best. There are better things ahead. As a 400 level student I am going into the world to make a change.”

They did not allow my people to vote because of school fees

According to the school policy, one of the requirements to become an eligible voter is to have paid the tuition of last session. On the day of election, most people – supporting Master B and Multiple − were not allowed to vote because they have not fulfil the ‘tuition fee’ requirement.

“The people from my faculty were not allowed to vote, they said they have not paid to vote, of which they paid. Even me that I am an aspirant, I have even paid for 400 level, they said I haven’t paid, until I shouted.

“Only God can fight a battle. Even when I got to school, people were still celebrating me, and I am happy. If you are good people will celebrate you. Whatever you are doing people are watching.”

In his own view, Master B said a good CGPA  is required for the position of the ‘number one’ student of this institution.

“Constitutionally, one of my plans is to amend the constitution by liaising with the senate president. If the school constitution put the CGPA to 3.0, intellectuals and serious minded people will contest. It is degrading for someone with low CGPA to contest for that position, he added.


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