INTERVIEW: I believe I have the qualities to lead right, make swift decisions – D’Gladys

As the heat of the Student Union election is increasing with common and breathtaking greetings from aspirants at major places on campus, AAUA INSIDER decided to greet the ‘political greeters’ and engage an aspirant for the position of the Vice President of the Student Union −  Olakunle Damilola Gladys ‘D’Gladys’ in an exclusive interview. Excerpts…

Kindly introduce yourself and delve into your family background.

My name is Olakunle Damilola Gladys, a student of the faculty of education, department of Guidance and Counseling. I come from family of five, I’m the first born and the only girl.

Tell us about your educational background.

I had my primary education in way rich nursery and primary school and I did Secondary school in Eva Adelaja girls grammar school Bariga And my University, here I am in AAUA

What position are you aspiring for?

I’m aspiring for the post of the next SU 002

What leadership experience do you have for this position?

Talking about leadership experience. I believe I’m a leader who raise leaders and not followers. I have held a lot of post outside campus, and with God helping me I have been able to influence people in the right way. I’m a role model and people look up to me, besides I’m a student and I have mingled with a lot of AAUAITES, so I know who the students needs for the position and I believe I have those qualities also.

What are the qualities the students need for the position of AAUA SU Vice President?

The students need a vice president who can lead them right, who can make swift decisions, a leader with charisma, an outspoken leader and I Believe I have those qualities .

We have other vital positions, why the position of the Vice President?

The position of the vice president have always been a post I admire so much And I believe with this post it will help me continue in the footstep of the current Vice-President.

What can you say about the current Vice President of the Union?

The current vice president is a sweet soul, she’s caring, jovial, selfless, she carries herself high and that’s one of the things I admire about her. She’s my role model also

What are the changes you intend to effect, if you win the election?

Reading culture, Conducive environment, Value added program, Student friendly governance.

What are the sane factors and characteristics that sets you apart from your opponents?

Lol. I know nothing about my opponent

What advice do yo have for your opponent(s)?

What I tell all the Aspirant is, “Meet y’all at the top”.

What message to AAUA students?

AAUAites D,Gladys is here to serve. “Service to Humanity”


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