#Hoestory: Four hours back to campus sex with Gilbert

8 months after the ASUU strike, any touch from Gilbert -my boyfriend- would lead me to cloud 9. Imagine how I could not really wait after resumption to be with him. We agreed to hook up at Chicken Rep a day after reaching Akungba and move down to his apartment.

We hardly entered his room when he pulled me closer and said “how long will it take to undress? I need you right now”. My newly gotten gown was torn apart before I could even reply.

His voice changed to a seductive tone as he said “I want you, Honey” which turned me on. He pushed me onto his well-laid bed and finger-fucked me like there won’t be another day.

After 3 minutes, I was on the verge of cumming. He began licking and slurping his fingers while expressing how it tastes more like strawberry. I soon felt a cool air at the top of my moist pussy and noticed Gilbert was blowing it. Then, his tongue went deep inside unexpectedly.

He cupped my ass and slowly moved me closer to the edge, he kissed his way up to my mouth and intertwined his tongue with mine. I lifted his shirt exposing his sexy packs which always drives me nuts.

I unbuckled his belt and pulled down his trouser while we are still kissing. I could feel his dick protruding out of his transparent boxer, he nibbled at my ear and neck passionately, lifted me up and slid inside of me. I tilted my head back a little while I moaned with pleasure.

We both started to speed up, switching position round the bed as the orgasm came over both of us. He repositioned me, lifting my butt to face the sky. He came up from behind where his cock was busy massaging my pussy.

I couldn’t take the teasing anymore, so I pleaded with him to eat me raw and then rammed his dick inside me again.

This time he groped my breast from behind with all his might and ride harder and faster. He soon hit my spot while I yelled in between moans, he put in more strength and thrust his four fingers inside too I couldn’t help but moan his name beneath swears. Hearing this, he spank my ass and continued his business until I had a huge orgasm.

We rounded up things after four hours and knocked out, I bet that was my best sex experience ever with Gilbert.

Editor’s note: This piece is a work of fiction.



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