Hoe Story: My Sex Experience With My Friend’s Boyfriend

Celina was my friend since secondary school days till we got admitted in AAUA, I love her as my bestie but she has a bad manner of fucking everything in trouser not minding who the guy is. She once said my man’s dick is like that of a child as it doesn’t make her cum because she has fucked him before. I got mad, fought and broke our friendship.

Months later I met Andrew, Celina’s boyfriend at a friend’s party. To be honest I was lonely as fuck when he offered me a drink. I took that as an opportunity to pay Celina back in her own coin. So I started rubbing his thighs seductively, he got the message and signalled me to follow him to the loo, which I did.

In the restroom, he kissed me on the lips and on my neck. He caressed and sucked my boobs and when his fingers got to my pussy, my pussy cream dropped down his hand which he licked. I took his dick into my mouth, which was too big to fit in but I got it deep throat after much struggle and I sucked him like some kind of pop sweet jeez he tasted so good.

He bent me over and I felt his long stick digging inside my pussy and he started pounding me. I have not had this kind of sexual feeling for a while.

Andrew in his sexy body fucked me hard. I tried as much as possible not to moan too loud. I couldn’t hold it at some point, he was now fucking faster and harder. At that point, I could feel the blood in my body circulating. There is this thing about a good fuck, you just know it.

He kept turning me over and over into different styles like it was our last sex on earth. It was maddening and I was screaming and moaning his name as we tried all styles. We rounded up after an hour and half of scattering the toilet.

We didn’t end it there, we proceeded to his house. He lives in a cool apartment and I must say I love the setting of his house, the room setting alone makes me wet, it looks so conducive to fuck. He said he has been eyeing my killer shape for a very long time which I replied with a deep kiss and we went in to a crazy make out, which got us horny once again.

He took off my clothes and squeezed the life out of my breast, he took his hand down my pants, while he was having issues with my tight pant, he decided to tear it off my, I moaned in pleasure as he fingered me for about six minutes. I pushed him off and laid on the king-size bed then spread my legs like a rumour for him to perform his role. He licked and caressed my clitoris so bad, Oh my days! I felt so good and understand why Celina never leaves him despite him sleeping around with girls.

He inserted his joystick to my door hole once again and I moaned in pleasure and pain at the same time when he started thrusting and tearing my vagina apart. He fucked me for good two hours without stopping then excessively cummed in my pussy. It was such a good mood feeling him inside of me. I slept like I had no worries.

I woke up feeling ecstatic and I sworn never to let him go even if he wants me as just as a fucking buddy, I really don’t mind. Celina can do whatever she wants but leaving Andrew is not possible because I’m so much in love with his dick.



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