Hoe story: My experience with Bukky, the hottest sex nigress in UNILAG

It has been said that “good lovers are made, not born.” If you truly want your sexual relationship to be all that it can be, you should take the time to talk with Bukky, one of the hottest female sex addicted nigress in UNILAG.

Bukky has always naughty and also has Grade A when it comes to sex skills, even when she make references to her sex life and how extent she was in giving BJ and riding on Dick .

We have actually been chatting for a while. Through much of our conversation, I discovered who she was and with series of wordings and deceitful words which she knew of, I pretended to her to make her believe how much I love oral sex. So, we agreed on to see some days after, because she had to travel from Unilag to AAUA for the D.

She left her school around 7am due to traffic, she got to Akure around 3pm. By 4:30pm, she called me to give her the direction to my place. 30 minutes later, she got to my place.

I was on short and I needed to shower. I went to the bathroom, figured I should invite her in. I did and she didn’t decline.

She got the hips, boobs and ass. Seeing this made me lost my control, I leaned forward and kissed her, she responded and we continue kissing while I used my hand on her v… the other hand playing with her nipple.

Suddenly, she was pushing me down. I knew what she wanted I wasn’t ready for that yet. I led her to the room, told her to lay on the bed.

She was shaved, pussy looking fresh. I got down to business slowly. I kissed her lip down to her neck, running my fingers through her hair, found my way to her breast, spent some minutes sucking, licking and biting her nipples.

I moved down to her belly button while still playing with her nipples, she was moaning softly. I moved down more and more, spreading her legs.

I started kissing her thighs slowly, I moved closer to her pussy. She was getting wet ASF! I rubbed my hand on her pussy, cleaning some of her juice. Slowly, I licked her juice and she let out a loud moan with the word FUCK!


Then I focused on her clit: licking, sucking, stringing it like a guitar. She was moaning hard, trying to hold her breath.

In few seconds, I knew her life depended on it with the way she held my head tight to her gloryhole. I began to finger her; started with one finger then increased it to two.

When it felt right, I added the third finger. I needed to prepare her for what’s to come. It’s been more than a year since I had sex.

I ate her pussy close to 30 minutes, then she started begging for the D, but I continued till I felt right and I think she is wet enough. I slipped my D in she was wet and it was an easy entering.

The pussy was so warm, I think I’ve almost forgotten what it feels to be inside a woman. I started with slow strokes because the pussy was so sweet.

I couldn’t go faster because I don’t want to cum early, but she wanted me to go faster, so I had no choice. I increased my pace, she was moaning with pleasure. I quickly withdrew my D and cummed in less than 10 minutes.

I stood up, wore my short, but she wanted more immediately, so she decided to work for it.

She brought out my dick and sucked it for 10 minutes, she was good. She did a very good job, my D was hard again.

She sat on the D and began to ride the D, it felt like paradise. She rode right, we switched position to wheelbarrow. I placed her legs on my neck, pinned her shoulder down, and fucked her so hard.

She was just pulling the bed spread. I fucked her harder, I removed her legs from my shoulder and fucked her faster in the normal missionary. I had her so good she placed her hand on my buttocks, inviting me in more.

I was getting tired but was not gonna disappoint myself so I continued. Without warning, I took my D out and pushed it back in with full force. I repeated the process thrice, each time she scream FUCK!! She was enjoying it but told me to stop. So I stopped and flipped her back to doggy position but I pinned her down and pushed in slowly but hard.

That was my favorite position, I was biting her shoulder and licking her neck slowly. I whispered into her ear, asking if I should go faster.

She said yes, so I increased my pace and fucked her harder, she was trying to remove her pussy from my D, but she couldn’t because I was drilling the pussy so badly. I asked her if I should stop, but she begged that I should not.

I covered her mouth with my hand and she held my flesh with her teeth. Infact, she couldn’t open her mouth as I keep fucking faster till I felt close to cum. I removed my dick and excuse the needful on her tinny nipples, moving straight up to the bathroom to take my bath as I heard her screaming.

I was shocked because I never knew girls do cum after sex. It was a long ridings on her pussy.

When we got tired, we took our bath separately, slept for a while. We took 2 slices of yam each and went to bed. By this time, I was already feeling somehow trying to imagine how I sucked her pussy.

It was getting more irritating, but by this time it’s getting late. She had to sleep overnight and woke her up early around 5am to send her back to her home.


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