Healthy meals for Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is a special month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Ramadan period is the period of abstinence from all food and drink from dawn to sunset.

As Ramadan indicate abstinence from eating and drinking, rich and healthy foods is, however, needed to be consumed to meet the amount of energy and nutrients body needs during the long hours of fasting.

The body uses its stores of carbohydrate and fat to provide energy once all the calories from the foods consumed during the night have been used up.

Muslims eats a pre-dawn meal called Suhoor or Suhur, which replace breakfast and break it with Iftar a meal usually starting with fruits.


Suhoor, which is the pre-dawn meal needs to be rich to provide enough energy to last during the 14 to 15 hours of fasting. Suhoor foods should be:
– Fruits and vegetables are essential during fasting because they increase the feeling of fullness and prevent constipation. They are vital for good health.
– Skinless chicken and fish helps repair and build body tissue.
– Oats, porridge, dates, milk, rice, and other carbohydrates are needed to provide energy.

Foods to be avoided for Suhoor includes; caffeine and fizzy drinks which might cause quicker dehydration. Too much salt leads to bloating, heavy foods should also be avoided for Suhoor.


When sunsets, table should be filled with dates, which is known as the traditional fruits used in breaking fast first according to the steps of the Holy Prophet. Pineapple, orange, carrots, spinach and some other rich fruits. Also breads, soups, grains, nuts, beans, Halaal meats; meats killed and process in the Islamic way, custards, pap with milk and more.

Also hot water is advisable to be taken for Iftar because;
1) Washes the liver
2) Perfumes your mouth
3) It strengthens the teeth
4) Enhances eyes
5) Washes the stomach
6) Relaxes the arteries
7) Refines the bile
8) Eliminates clotting
9) Reduces stomach heat
10) Reduces fatigue.

RAMADAN MUBARAK to all Muslim brothers and sisters.


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