Health: Mental Health; Emotional Well-being

As we all have physical health, we have mental health too. It expedient that you take care of your mental health in 2021

Mental Health is psychological and emotional well-being. It involves how we think, feel, behave and how we engage with others. When we are in good mental health, we feel that we can respond positively in relationships, activities in our environments and communities. There is something we need to note, which is our emotional health.

Talking about emotional health, emotional health is an essential part of being healthy. Students that are emotionally healthy are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. They are able to cope with challenges. They feel good when in a healthy relationship.

Being emotionally healthy does not predict one is happy at all time but means you are conscious of your emotions.
Emotionally healthy people feel stress, anger but know how to control the negative feelings.

There are steps you can follow to improve your emotional health:

Being emotionally healthy allows you work productively as a student and cope with stress of daily activities. It helps you work with colleagues and contribute positively in the society.

Take care of your physical health

Regular exercise, eating healthy food, and getting enough rest promote emotional well-being.

Think before acting

Give yourself time to think and be calm before saying or doing something wrong.

Be aware of your emotions

Take observant of what makes you angry, frustrated, try to address those things. Learn relaxation methods can get a deep breathing, meditation, and exercise.

Express your feelings in the right ways allow people or friends close to you know what is bothering you. This will help reduce negative thoughts and feelings.


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