“Our lives begin to end the moment we keep mute on things that matters”
At one point or another, we are faced with questions. Questions that stare us in the face, begging for answers. Even when we think we know, we may be unable to say. No wonder one philosophy claimed that “nothing can be known, if it is known it cannot be communicated”

The pathetic situation of our union has given us an insight into how rotten the leadership system in Nigeria has become. It has not only revealed to us our opaque future, it has further made clear our clumsy present.

Year in, year out, we bring on board people who are expected to be of pure intentions. People who are supposed to be heroes, to lead us.

In numbers, we troop out under sunny weather to bring on people who we feel would be able to pull us out of relegation waters. Yet, they end up becoming those who haunt us.

It is worrisome when the ones employed to ‘keep’ now steal. As a matter of fact, it is more disturbing to realize your guard is the reason behind your insecurity and exposure to danger.

The leadership of the AAUA students union had in recent times been questioned. In fact, many of the leaders had been dragged both by the elected officials and the members of the union, on things they felt were not right.
But the day-to-day running of our present union has only made it clear that we were yet to see anything, more to come.

In times past, AAUASU was a cynosure of all eyes. Yes, we were at a point ranked the best students union in Ondo state and one of the best in South-West.
Today, the reverse is the case as we are now the direct contradiction of such glorification.

It will be recalled that this current executive, under the leadership of Obamuwagun Oluwasegun popularly known as Supreme, has made it known both by conduct and implication that he’s not prepared to hand over the mantle of leadership to another, was elected almost two years ago.

The same guy who was running helter-skelter to make sure he penetrates through the hearts of innocent AAUAites through different tactics has now become so blinded to the point that he no longer see reasons to leave the stage when the ovation was the loudest.

By the virtue of the revelations flying around, it is easy to conclude that the Students Union under the leadership of Comr Supreme is the worst so far in the history of our dear union.

Sec. 6(I) of AAUASU constitution states “sovereignty belongs to the members of the union from which the union leadership through this constitution derives its powers, authority, and functions”
Following the above, let us begin to ask some salient questions as union members.


It is fast becoming a strange thing for leaders to show accountability. Since the inception of this current or may I say outgoing leadership, it is nearly impossible to point to one major achievement, aside from the show of shame going on.
Section 8 of our constitution states expressly that “the union, through her agencies, shall abolish all corrupt practices, abuse of power and shall harness the resources of the union”.

This harvest of corruption going on is a clear breach of this constitutional provision. As a matter of fact, these current leaders, in a sane society, ought to bury their heads in shame.

More disturbingly, the Senate president who is supposed to be the custodian of the constitution, boldly and without any iota of shame, claimed he was approached on some issues and he compromised. The loose-mouthed senator ordinarily should by now have been telling stories of his days as a senator.

Under this same administration, an accident occurred, claiming the lives of our students including the immediate past president of our dear union, the president and his cohorts could only but blab and make empty threats.

With the decision of almost all stakeholders, the barricade was erected to forestall further occurrence of such accidents, the barricade was broken, we were throwing everything to make sure things got back to normal only for us to realize that our dear union leaders were aware of everything about the barricade and even had shares in the proceeds.

Under this same administration, a palliative was received in February 2021, and not till July when Sahara Reporters reported that it had been looted we never heard of anything. The students union president presented as usual a very watery excuse to defend the callous act.

Well, probably he thinks everyone is like him who doesn’t rehearse his speech before engaging people, not everyone is short of ideas.

Permit me to further add that the leadership of the SRC currently is the worst in the history of the world.

An arm of government that is supposed to be the watchdog became not only toothless but also lost its sight, gone dumb, and became deaf.

The Ejańlá-led SRC is a sharp contrast to his name, he’s the smallest fish ever.
I’m actually baffled and confused, how people who rose through the ranks over time become the opposite of what they are meant to be.

Under this SRC, not a single bill was passed into law. Two bills were sent to the house, but not even one of them got to the final stage, you can now imagine the crop of SINATORS you all elected.

The sittings I observed under him were as if I was at the cinema, the only difference was I was unable to grab the popcorn. A sitting where only the loyal SINATORS were observed, what good would come out of such?

Virtually all the budgets under this current SRC were treated at the ETHICS AND PRIVILEGES COMMITTEE, then I ask, what then is the need for section 43(c) of our AAUASU constitution?

The shameless SINATE president was posting gullibly on social media that the general secretary embezzled money. Yet, he claimed to be the senate president! How pathetic! I’m not only ashamed, I feel very disappointed. Well, maybe his thinking is just as tall as his height.

Wait, what were SINATORS doing when all these were going on? Is the SP more powerful than the SRC? Is it the case that the SINATORS don’t even know the position of the constitution?

Under the same SRC, the welfare director was impeached, only for them to come and interpret a section of the constitution like people who skipped elementary classes. This show of shame is really tiring!

Sec. 50 (b) (i) of our constitution states that the SRC shall be competent to summon or invite before it, any union officer found guilty of misappropriation, embezzlement, fraud, or corrupt practices.
Do I need to remind the SP of this particular constitutional provision?

What can be more pathetic, when students ask for accountability, they get threatened and called names.

When the state of things in the union is questioned, they call them hypocrites and opposition leaders. Unfortunately, many, I mean a good number of those now crying foul kept mute then forming loyalty to authority, but now that they’ve been consumed by the fire they made themselves, their noises are no longer allowing us to sleep.

The president of the union, who ordinarily should just hide and bury his head in shame was responding on social media that “no one is a saint” just to justify his woeful performance. We warned, we wrote on different occasions but our eagles thought were too deep to be seen by the myopic leaders.

We are yet to have a deeper look at the documents flying around. When we do, we will definitely do justice to them one after the other. But before then, permit me to point your attention to a particular situation where the financial secretary signed the approved budget of the SRC.

All through this administration, the place of the clerk which is expressly stated in section 56(D)(II) of AAUASU constitution that the clerk shall handle all correspondence (incoming and outgoing) on behalf of the SRC.

The leadership of our union has continually toyed with our integrity and fingered our intelligence. They have made a mockery of our collective resolve.
When issues that bother on the welfare of our students are raised, the jẹgúdújẹrás would vanish into thin air.

This is an administration where the office of the vice president was molested and sidelined.

While we continue to scrutinize the documents being released, I will like to say this: No amount of intimidation or threat would stop us from doing the needful, because this has always been your way.

In all these, one thing has clearly shown, these guys are simply opportunists. Yes! Ọmọ ojú ò RỌ LÁRÍ. You can imagine a boy who never owned 50,000 as his own, now in charge of our treasury. What do you expect of such a boy? He would definitely misbehave.

You’re in charge of the money that is not even up to 10 million náírà, you’re disgracing yourself. What kind of leader do you want to become?
We all must take a cue from all these and watch very closely those we want to put at the helms of our affairs. We must scrutinize and be satisfied with those to entrust our union with, not some hungry fellows whose sole focus is to empty our treasury.

Well, we all know the story of àparò, that Bush bird whose clothes are never clean. It will interest you to know that same place àparò bathes is where lékeléke also bathes. The greedy act of the former is the reason its clothes never cleanse.

Go and make inquiries of the àìbalẹ̀ ọkàn that visits those who stole from the shrine of Ògún. May I further remind you of the àìsùn àìwo that befalls ẹni tó gb’ódó mì.

You may as well enquire about what becomes of those who bear false witness before Ayélála.
We won’t let down our guards until we see to the end of this!
STAY tuned!!!

This piece by Seyifunmi Francis Adeosun (Francofone) was published on AAUA INSIDER with minimal editing to preserve the original message of the author. The author bears full responsibility for the claims in the opinion piece.


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