Full text of Tunde Akingbondere’s appeal to immortalize Sampraise

Tunde Akingbondere, a Law undergraduate has called on all relevant bodies to name Northern Gate of the Student Union building after  ‘Adesomoju Samuel’.

Mr Tunde opines that the union should immortalize Sampraise, for his efforts in waging war against injustice, marginalization, repression and indiscipline.

Recall that the former President  lost his life among others in the Saturday truck accident.

Read the full text below;


“So long as men can see
And eyes can see
So long lives this
And it gives life to thee.


“It is in the interest of posterity and the immediate revolution of the minds that I am putting my pen on paper as one of the few comrades in the polity, with an eye for details, justice for the oppressed masses submerged under the hegemony of the Bourgeois oppressors. This hegemony is tantamount to the land of slavery, within which there are so many geographical and environmental factors facilitating the death of a reasonable percentage of the proletariats. At least, pending the Socialist Revolution, there must be a means of calibrating or glazing the names of these martyrs in the book of history and by extension the collective mind. However frail this is, it doubles as a means of giving life to the departed, empathizing and sermonizing the epical heroes of the generation.

“This letter is not in any way praise singing, not at all is it also stultifying the undying legacies of those iconic heroes whose paths crossed the enviable union. The system had produced so many stoic, giant comrades. You must come to also believe with me, that it never happened just once in the history of this university that a comrade who previously led the union died before concluding his programme. The only time in history when the union ever lost a comrade who wasnt a leader of the union was sometimes around 2013/2014, during the administration of one Ikuegbegbe Oluwasegun(Reformer). Comrade Ewegbemi, the Deputy Speaker of the Students Representative Council died from unascertained course and not accident.

“ADESOMOJU Samuel has beyond reasonable doubt covered the field and hence, worthy of being reckoned with the student Union building.

“1. He qualifies for this with the reputable leadership marshalled at a point when the entire studentry had mobilized against his leadership, they called him a stooge, including a rubber stamp in the hand of the management. Adesomoju in the stead of keeping his fingers crossed successfully remedied the situation by proceeding to Akure to effect a barricade. The barricade went for days and summoned the rank and file of schools all over the state. Highly disheartening that the guy they called the youngest Student Union President could be so wise that he could shove aside so many past presidents of the Union, the notorious ones for the commercialization of demonstrations/protests. This should be ranked with the valiant move of Jesus Christ to clean the Augean’s table, he did this by chasing the moneychangers, merchants of pigeons and wolves.

“2. A reasonable number of AAUITES would not forget the titanic struggle called “No Light, No Lecture,” it was championed by the administration of this same Adesomoju who was eventually boycotted by the members of his executives, for fighting and making the oppressors restless. The struggle should be compared with the revolutionary “Alli Must Go” protest of 1978, or the Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall struggle against an hostile school official who intentionally starved students of the University of Ibadan in the year 1971. The protest clamoured the immediate resignation of the oppressor hostess and eventually led to the death of one Kunle Adepeju, the first martyr of university student Union in Nigeria. The University of Ibadan student union building is till today named after Kunle Adepeju, this was apart from the fact that the premier university was established in the year 1948, the university union building wasn’t named after anybody until 1971. I see this as a basis for the immediate naming of the university union building after this Late Adesomoju Samuel, not even when then Ondo State University(now Ekiti State University) reckoned Kingsley Kuku, an ordinary Union leader who did not occupy any position of responsibility during his time with one of the lecture theaters in the school. The lecture theater was named after him. AAUA must follow this line.

“3. Actually, I never knew I will write this so soon as a chronicler of events, but this had inevitably happened in the course of nature and I am left to wander in the memories of his war against injustice, marginalization, repression and indiscipline. Adesomoju till he died secured unjustly seized phones from lecturers, assisted so many in securing apartments, sorted complicated biodatas with utmost attention.

“I think you would believe with me, that the aforementioned are enough reasons to see this forthright human as the true insignia of hope for a shrouded union reveling in the chequered history of leadership failure.

“The latest and exodus movement of so many people to death couldn’t have eaten so deep if, not for the fact that a guy with this level of cerebral mien had fellowshipped in the sailing boat. He successfully stressed the injustice against an average AAUITE and Akungba people. Naming the student union building after him is the least of honours and can indirectly respect the fellow compatriots who joined him in the sudden and weird journey.

“I am concluding on an humble note, seeking the clamour of the collective people: the SRC, past and present Executives, notable stakeholders, over 15,000 AAUITES. Our supporting this motion goes a long way in sustaining it, no more honour could be done to breathe life into our departed brother if not the inspiration behind this writing. Let’s mark the monumental that rocked us in history.


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