Food is one of the keys to good performance

Eating food is not exactly at the top of students priority lists during examination period. Students have a busy studying schedule after a very long break caused by Coronavirus.

Examination period can be a very stressful moment for students because the time spent studying needs to be of quality in order to have a good performance. However, having a sensible well laid out plan, which includes eating regular healthy meals will not keep you away from studying hard but instead optimize your brain power.

During exams period, your brain works non-stop 24/7, even while asleep, this is because brain is a very power of organ in the body. Because of this, your brain needs to supply constant energy which can only be derived from an adequate meal. Skipping food is technically bad for both your brain and body.

Eating food, which is not healthy cause more harm than not eating at all. The food type you take has a direct impact on your cognitive performance. Eating balanced diet can help focus and also avoid examination illness.

Unhealthy foods will only affect your brain and cause failure. Reaching for something sweet to get you through the hungry mood will do no good to brain and body system. Instead get fruits or good snacks for the main time till you get home and make something nutritious.

Health is not just wealth but also the key to better future and a healthy living can only be gotten from a good food. If you are serious in achieving top performance in the exam then make food essential at this period.

Eat good food, stay healthy, stay safe. Success all the way.


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