Bada Olaitan who is a young Nigeria undergraduate, an activist, has given a critical analysis of the Youth Involvement in Nigeria politics by pointing at Nigeria as a country that has been experiencing wane in her economic growth which had, in turn, bounced to brutalize the individual well-being of her inhabitants, slows down the development of the nation and thereby caused a big set-back on the path of the nation’s reputation internationally.

What we are witnessing are games that are expensive at the expense of the nation. Alliances and cabals are formed, not on principle, not on policy, not on political ideology, but the basis of profitability. (Prof. Wole Soyinka). Hence, calls for revolutionary minds with a proactive foresight to intercept the dangling pendulum aiming at wrecking the structure of our dear nation. It is until the hunger to effect change outweighs the one for personal gratification, we would always install the gluttonous with the tongue that will voraciously consume the space meant for the posterity

A well concretized with a good economy, overwhelmed with monopoly aim to engineer the smooth running of the well-being of humanity is the basis on which the social growth of citizens is built. In every human gathering, enhancing confidence in nation building towards economic success and improved quality of life is the prospect and the aim to foster a sustainable development that can inform maintainable innovations and proficiency

Thus, this is a clarion call for all and sundry, more importantly the youths to expediently rise to their feet with undying vigor to ensure the Nigeria of our dreams comes to reality. This cannot surface or come to limelight without actively involving in the decision and policy making body of the Nation. It can never be achieved overnight or by default. It requires undiluted patriotism spirit, perseverance, commitment, and thorough awareness for chang

It is paramount and of high importance for the youth of this dispensation to understand that the future of this nation lies in their hands and this reality should be earnestly key into so they can channel their energy rightly towards emancipating our dear land from the megalomaniac entities. It is established that the future promise of any nation can be determined by the present prospect of its youth hence, makes it the onus of the able bodied and dogged youths that are passionately and rationally seeking positive change for Nigeria to answer the call for service

In order to resuscitate this dying Nation, there is a need for the youths to rise beyond social media ranting and go to the streets to exercise their franchise. It is a step to freedom for the youths to register with any political party of their choice and contest for different political position of their choice thereby making their ideas sellable and orchestrate their initiatives to develop the Nation. It is good to criticize but the youths should deem it fit to be part of the decision-making bod

It is high time the youth stopped being a tool in the hands of the debauchery megalomaniac to cause mayhem in the society and start being agent of progress and development. One of the steps to effecting change is for a youth to have himself registered for voters’ card and then use it rightly when the time arises

The ballot is stronger than the bullet, utilizing the ballot judiciously is the best way to unseat the tyrant and enthrone those who are passionate about effecting positive change.


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