FEATURED: Final Year Brethren, Find Your Brain

In the spirit of celebrating with Final Year Brethrens (FYBs), I took it as a point of duty to write this piece. The title is not to say the FYBs in Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko (AAUA) Ondo State do not have brains. No. In fact for you to make this far, you have a working brain. However, it is expedient to find your brain after your journey as an undergraduate.

Congratulations on making it through amidst the life wasting statement that “school nah scam”. The FYBs had a very colourful week from the Corporate Day, Back To School, Jersey Day, Denim On Denim, Native Wear Day.

According to Statista, the unemployment rate in Nigeria was at approximately 7.96 percent in 2020. The Industrial Training Fund (ITF) blamed the rising unemployment on the lack of essential skills among the youths, saying even if there are job opportunities, Nigerian youths are unemployable. Final Year Brethren, Find Your Brain.

At many points in life, we have debated the potency between formal education and entrepreneurship. The latter seems to solve more issues than the former, this prompted the sane minds piloting the affairs of the University to add entrepreneurship courses to the curriculum. In reality we all know that the ‘knowledge’ passed in the classroom is alien to the questions asked in tests and examinations. Final Year Brethren, Find Your Brain.

You must have heard the statement “half-baked graduate”, to me that’s euphemism. You will agree with me that students are not baked for the work force at all, we are baked or being baked to pass examinations with good grades. Our motto is “La Cram, La Pour”. You don’t survive in the industry or workplace because you know how to cram rather you survive with the knowledge you have and the ones you are open to learning. Final Year Brethren, Find Your Brain.

The older ones piloting the affairs of this country would call us the Leaders of Tomorrow. Unfortunately, the ‘leaders of tomorrow’ are now online ‘CEOs’ with foreign and local clients, trading varieties of cards, requesting for orders and into other fortuitous and inadvertent online businesses. Howbeit, we have youths that are change makers with their innovations and originality. The tomorrow that they somewhat promised us is now. The not-too-young bill is not just for celebration, it is what the youths can leverage on to build a future of our dream. The drama coming from Student Unionists like NANS is a conversation for another day. Final Year Brethren, Find Your Brain.

There was a time an educated person or a graduate has a job waiting. Sadly, in this current society that we are currently intertwined with there are little vacancies for jobs, some jobs even come with ridiculous pay, putting into consideration the expenses that have been invested on your education. From the other side of the coin, there are graduates without ‘connection’ getting good jobs with ‘good pay’. Final Year Brethren, Find Your Brain.

One of the things you should take note and build is relationship with sane minds. The people you meet and have a connection while in school and in life generally, most times come in handy when you need to get things beyond your reach. This is not just an issue of ‘show me your friend’, keeping good relationships is one of the most underrated skills in life, howbeit is very essential for any human that desires to progress. Final Year Brethren, Find Your Brain.

Once again, congratulations to the FYBs for making it this far. In all you do in this this life, Find Your Brain (FYB).


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