Feature: Life on AAUA Campus before COVID-19

Before coronavirus hit Nigeria, Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko (AAUA) students like every other promising students in Nigeria higher institution were enjoying an uninterrupted academic calendar. For a fact, some students in graduating classes were already planning their life after school, which includes NYSC.

As at the time Nigeria recorded her first case of COVID-19 — part of the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease — on the 27 February 2020, AAUA students were enjoying a two weeks mid-semester break before the commencement of their first semester examination.

From the second week of January till March when the Federal Government ordered the closure of schools in the country, this is a review of the campus life in AAUA before coronavirus robbed us of the merry moments.

AAUA students before COVID-19 were attending lectures and social gatherings with no sense of social distancing. The ‘efiko students’ were already attending tutorial and night classes to prepare ahead for the first semester examination.

AAUAites also attended mind-shifting and eye-opening programmes projected at motivating on how to succeed on campus and preparing the students for life after school.

The Students Union election that was postponed due to some irregularities was finally held on February 5. The election brought in Oluwasegun Obagunwa Supreme led administration. The university community also featured a lot of faculty and departmental elections.

Between January and March, AAUA welcomed two major celebrities — Oluwatoyin Bayegun popularly known as Woli Arole for Laff O’Clock (Father Christmas in February) event and Yemi Elesho for the maiden edition of AAUA Social Media Festival. The Old Recreational Centre (RC) also featured few talent hunt and entertainment shows.

Sporting activities were also going smoothly at the sport complex of the university. Sports men and women enjoyed playing tennis, basketball, and football. The athletes also delighted their activities.

Student organizations like ENACTUS, JCIN AAUA, NUCJ AAUA, ADVISERS CORNER, and other organizations were executing and planning ahead of big projects that would shape the lives of students and the university community at large.

Fortunately and unfortunately, the lockdown put a pause to the campus life of AAUA students for over eight months. Although, there are speculations that AAUA would be resuming academic activities soon.

While some students are showing little interest in resumption, a myriad of AAUAites cannot wait to go back to their campus life before the era of COVID-19.



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