Fact Check: Is AAUA truly resuming on December 18?

Following the protest within the school campus which led to the indefinite closure of academic activities over the ‘No school fees, No exam’ policy in November 22,  hopes have been up among students anticipating the officially announced resumption date.

Barely weeks after, rumours spread around claiming the university is to resume on December 18. The memo was alleged to be signed by the Senate. Is the alleged memo true?

VERDICT:                    FALSE

Full story:

The circular obtained via whatsapp by AAUA INSIDER disclosed that the university will resume academic activities on December 18 after the protest which led to the suspension of the 2020/2021 first semester examination. The memo was allegedly signed by the Vice Chancellor, Prof Olugbenga Ige.

ANALYSIS: Close observation of the memo revealed more discrepancies that made the report fake.

The memo was alleged to emanate from ‘Office of the Senate’ to all students of the University. However, a sample memo used to verify the authenticity shows that memos would only have the name of the institution as its letterhead.

Also, the memo -filled with typographical errors- announced the sum of #20,000 as reparation fee following the protest. As at press time, no official statement has been released from the management regarding any payment as evaluation of damage assessment is ongoing.

No memo has ever been signed by the Vice Chancellor. All memos or circulars are signed by the Office of the University’s Registrar. The date and time of the Senate sitting was not indicated. Lastly, the released memo had no office copied for easy circulation and publicity.

The University’s Webmaster, Yinka Fadayomi, has debunked the memo through his facebook account on the University’s official Facebook group with the caption, “FAKE! FAKE!! FAKE!!! Wait for AAUA update”



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