FACT CHECK: Verification of viral picture depicting the crashing of aeroplane points to United States, not Akungba

Students of Adekunle Ajasin University, have been recently experiencing an aeroplane flying at bird level in the Akungba-Akoko community of Ondo State.

As the flying of the aeroplane persists, students of AAUA and residents of Akungba have come up with different reasons why the aeroplane is flying in Akungba.

AAUA INSIDER recently reported why the aeroplane is flying in Akungba.

Naturally, in this age, people have continued to keep up with real-time updates on the internet, especially on social media, where lots of misinformation and disinformation are circulating to distort facts.

A WhatsApp user, @E-mighty, shared a picture on his WhatsApp update showing that the aeroplane flying in the Akungba community was involved in a crash.

Screenshot of the WhatsApp post

The posted captioned the photo with “Idamu Adugbo wa don finally crash”, which interprets in English as “The disturbance of our area has finally crashed”.

Social media users are prone to believing information whether it is from a source that they trust or not.


A Google reverse image search by AAUA INSIDER revealed the origin of the photos. The search reveals that the photo is from a crop duster crash event in Poinsett County in the United States on May 27, 2021.

The photo first appeared here and here.


The photo, shared by a WhatsApp user to depict that the aeroplane that has been flying in Akungba has crashed, is FALSE. The photo, as research has shown, are from a crash in the United States in May 2021.


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