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In the course of the recent happenings in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, after Sahara Reporters published a report accusing the Union of diverting relief materials meant for victims. In an exclusive interview with the president of the Students Union, he cleared the air on the palliatives and the postponement of the election, his administration. Excerpts…

Tell us the story behind the story of the report published by Sahara Reporters. What is your reaction, the truth? Because they accused you and the members of the Union of diverting the relief materials for the victims of the accident that happened few months ago for personal use.

My name Obagunwa Oluwasegun Daniel, the Students Union president of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko. Yes, we have three arms of government; we have the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. The executive is the president, general secretary, et cetera, the judiciary are the judges, the SJC of the Union, the legislature are the Students Representative Council, which comprises of Senators.

Among the senators we have different committees in the house; we have the budget and financial committee, budget monitoring committee, and we have auditing committee. So we have various committees that make the house suitable to checkmate the activities of the executives. Had it been these materials have been embezzled by myself as Sahara Reporters claimed, the SRC would have summoned me to a sitting and I might have been impeached to that effect.

Immediately the story came out, SRC members went there to investigate, and they all the items there and complete. So I will say the update release by Sahara Reporters is false. Although I don’t the brain behind, but it is fake, and I urged all AAUAites to debunk.

You said you would have been summoned to an open sitting, were you aware that the SRC senate president was attached to the same report?

Yes, that’s why we have the press. Let’s assume the president can manipulate the SRC. Can the president manipulate the press? Can the president manipulate all the Nigeria students? NO. That day some conscious comrades like Baba Shade, Francophone, and the likes came there to make videos, even Echo media went there to investigate to check the items and they confirmed it was complete.

You have been able to clear the air on the Sahara Reporters’ story, now how about the students[people] that you serve? There’s a rumour that the Supreme-led administration has not been favourable to the students.

Well this administration has been committed towards the welfarism of Nigerian students. We are committed to service. That’s why if you call us at night we would attend to you. Because all the members of the Union from the SRC, SJC and the executives are strictly active. And we all work hand-in-hand. So I believe that’s not true.

Another issue is that students are saying they are not being carried along in the affairs of the Union[our Union] for that they are calling for a Congress based on the recent happenings. What is causing the bridge?

I believe the major reason that the student want a Congress is because of the communication breach. So the Union is working on a Press conference already, whereby students and members of press can gather to ask questions to get clarifications towards issues. So I believe that’s enough to clear the air. It’s an account of stewardship.

Normally your administration should have handed over to an new administration, however the election was postponed due to some issues, now the students are saying the Union has a hand in it, that you don’t want to hand over, that Supreme wants to be the longest serving President in the history of AAUA Unionism. What can you say about that?

Personally, as the president I am exhausted, in fact I have served the students and at this juncture I should have handed over power to the next administration because I need to face my exams and project. Academic is our primary assignment on campus, however, the Student Union election is conducted by the University management, so the SUEC can only propose date to the University management. It’s the management that would know when it’s convenient for them.

Because all the resources for the election comes from the management, I just urge students to be law abiding and be patient for the new election date to be announced through the SUEC.

There’s a rumour that some people are frustrating your administration, for that the students are not seeing any good thing in your administration. What do you feel about that?

Every government would surely have an opposition, and we can satisfy everyone, even Jesus did not sacrifice everybody when he was alive. People were still against Jesus. This is to show that no matter how good you are you can satisfy everyone. Jesus Christ had an intruder among his disciples, so there might be an intruder in the SRC, SJC and the executive members.

One thing I am sure of is that the executives are focused and determined towards rendering services to Nigeria students, so we won’t let the eye drop of an eye that can’t make a sea bother us. Nothing shall discourage us.

Now let me put you on the spot, is your administration the best in the history of AAUA Students unionism?

‘Any man that praises himself will not grow’. It’s left to Nigeria students to rate us, you can expect me to rate myself. I can’t tell you bad things about myself. I can only tell you good things about myself. I t is left to students and the management to decide if this administration is the best so far, nevertheless we have tried our best to a reasonable length. Thanks.

Your administration is rounding off, what are your achievements so far?

If I decide to start counting my achievements for you now, we are going to spend the whole of today, because this administration has done a lot. Raging from electricity, transportation off-campus, security off campus, we make sure there’s a security patrol to secure the lives and properties of the students, students’ welfarism, to the health center we made sure it improved.

This current administration agitated diplomatically for the reduction of the tuition fee and I am very sure we got it even though most people don’t see it as something tangible but we got it with sleepless nights. So this administration has done a lot. And we are still committed towards service.

In terms of security can you say you have achieved in that area? Because the students are complaining. Understandably, there’s insecurity in Nigeria. Are you sure you have secured the Nigeria students?

I believe the security and safety of lives and properties is the duty of everybody, not only for the law enforcement agencies, so for this we inaugurated a security committee comprising of members of the para military, conscious members of the Union, myself as the CSO[Chief Security Officer], every night we always have our patrol. At about three weeks ago we still caught a thief at Adefarati. We have altered so many robbery cases.

This exclusive interview was conducted by Agbelusi Samuel and Peter Emmanuel Ojo.


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