SPECIAL REPORT: Collapsed Mass Communication Department’s Fence Is Yet To Rise Again

Eye balls have been raised, tongues have been restless on the Mass Communication department’s fence that collapsed almost four years ago after a heavy rainfall coupled with turbulent wind.

The fence that separates the noble department from the Olusegun Obasanjo Multipurpose hall is yet to rise again as the school management, are yet to respond to it.

According to the Department, several letters have been written to the University management as regarding the crumbled part of the fence, but no action has been taken.

Students Laments

Although the fence has been in existence for 15 years, the President of the Department, Adesola Ikulajolu blamed the collapse on the lack of drainage system and proactiveness of the school management.

“Apart from the heavy rainfall who happened to be a coincidence, the fence itself was weak, because the building has been in existence for more than fifteen years.

“The building was a secondary school that was becoming into a university before it was given to the Former Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Mimiko, who gave it to the Department of  Mass Communication after the university had gained more land and buildings”.

He lamented that the state of the fence has given non-members of the department access to the premises, exposed its properties to damages and theft, as well as caused students and lecturers to suffer from insults.

He said, “Since the fence collapsed, we decided to open up the small gate so people could pass through but we discovered that people were not conscious of the fact that there is a walkway. You would still see them passing the wrong walkway, and when you are passing through someone’s abode, you need to treat the person with respect but the reverse was the case for those who passed through this place”.

“Many people came here to dress, play, urinate and defecate. Those wouldn’t have happened if the fence was not broken”.

“The department has lost more than ten plastic chairs, benches, and other valuable items to thieves who happened to be passersby. In a bid to curb this, a barricade was erected and despite that, the passersby still accessed the department. Hence, after several consultations, the small gate was closed down and a keen eye was kept on the barricades.”

While stating that the Department had written letters to the Management about the state of the fence, he noted only the management decides if the fence will be reconstructed.

“We are still hoping, praying, and expecting the school management as a matter of urgency attends to the case, but as of now, we have not heard anything from the management. Also, I  am not sure the school is making any plan currently or urgently to address the issue of the fence, but we will still be trying our best,” he said.

However, the President-Elect of the department, Promise Adagba expressed optimism that the management might look into its reconstruction, despite several unfruitful agitations made.

Also, a 400-level student of the department, Olorunsaanumi Olowookere, cited the intrusion of non-members of the department as a menace posed at the department.

Mass Communication Head of Department reacts

In the same vein, the Head of the Department, Dr. Babatunde Oyinade said the only person in the right position to see to the fence affair was the school management.

He added that the department has strived hard several times to draw and called the attention of the management to the situation but all have proved abortive.

“We are waiting for the lord to touch the heart of the management, and we can be safe as well as our properties,” he said.

I Am Not Aware Of The Broken Fence, says Dean of Students’ Affairs

While reacting to these complaints, the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Dr. Owolewa stated he didn’t know about the state of the fence.

However, he noted he would start working on the reconstruction of the fence

“The wall of Jericho ought not to be broken, so I will ensure it stands again,” he said.

The VC Frowns At The Situation, says Director of Works and Services

The varsity’s Director of Works and Services, Mr. Adejumo Ademola noted that the fence will be reconstructed once the fund is approved.

He expressed the concerns of the Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Olugbengba Ige on other areas with open fences in the varsity.

“The Acting Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Olugbenga Ige is not happy with the situation. It is not just the fence of the Department of Mass Communication alone but other two or three places with open fences across the school. However, this will b subject to the release of funds.

As of the time of filing this report, the students and lecturers of the Department of Mass Communication hope that the reconstruction of the fence be done as soon as possible.

This exclusive report written by Adedokun Boluwatife, Friday Omosola and Emmanuel Peter Ojo, first appeared on Echo Campus News.


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