Etiquette with Salt: How to deal with people

We are all humans and that is so interesting to know, especially the fact that we are higher animals. We talk, we act, we eat, we drink, we reproduce and lots more. It should interest you to know that sometimes we do not do those things right.

Sometimes we do things out of negligence or ignorance, in fact we do not care at times, but you know what, we should learn to do things the right way and you should care about how you live among others.

Yes, that is more reason we need to know about ETIQUETTE. This will help us live right.  Wouldn’t it be so nice getting a smile from a random person on a queue? How nice will it be when someone helps you with the door handle in a mall?

Etiquette simply means the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.

Sail with me in the ship, as we go on an etiquette adventure, not forgetting that there are different types of etiquette but I will share them in subsequent publications, so as not to sail the ship.

Let’s talk about Social Etiquette

Social etiquette simply means the way we behave or interact in our social environment. And by so doing there are some rules that should guide the way we behave in the society and they are;

ALWAYS USE THE FIVE MAGIC WORDS: Where ever you go, whatever you do, life will be easy whenever you using the five (5) magic words appropriately. The five magic words are ‘Please’, ‘Excuse me’, ‘Sorry’, ‘Thank you’ and ‘Pardon me’. Trust me these words will help you live right and put smile on the faces of people out there.

KNOCKING BEFORE YOU ENTER: As humans, we all have our privacy to keep, irrespective of where you go or who they are to you, knock before you enter their rooms. Learn to respect people’s privacy.

DON’T GROOM YOURSELF IN PUBLIC: Don’t clip your nails, brush your hair, or floss your teeth in public. It’s your gross, nothing less.

SKIP CONTROVERSIAL OR NOSY TOPICS: No politics, religion, asking when they’ re getting pregnant or how much weight they lost. Doing this will make such people in question uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassed. This will also help to avoid ripple effect and reactions from people around.

RETURN CALLS: If someone takes their time to call you and you missed the call, call back or send a text. This shows that you actually saw the call you missed and you are willing to have a conversation with them. In case you do not have sufficient airtime to call or text, you can beep just to acknowledge their calls.

WHEN YOU ENTER A ROOM GREET EVERYONE: Respect they say is reciprocal, no one likes to be neglected. Any gathering you find yourself at all, make it a point of duty to greet everyone around. Show some respect.

What other social etiquettes do you know?

This piece has been published on AAUA INSIDER with very minimal editing to preserve the original voice and views of the author.

By  Afusat Eniola ‘Salt’


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