Essential items for a university student

While preparing for school, there is a feeling to pack all your belongings and stuffs to the university campus, but then you are not moving to another country.

It is expedient to pack the important and necessary things that you would need. More often than not, ladies tend to pack their loads as if they are going to their husband’s house.

Howbeit, here is a list of essential items for students, especially fresh students of a university.


All university documents, passport photos, original and photocopies of results and letters, identification (ID) cards.


A lot of the kitchen equipment will depend if you are self-catering or not.
Cutlery, Knives, forks, spoons, bowls, plates and cups, frying pan and cooking pots, grater, mugs.


Garri, rice, beans, noodles, potatoes, plantain, wheat, yam flour, semovita, milk and beverages.



Lamp and torch, chair and table, pens, pencils, paper, cello tape and mathematical sets, course textbook and materials, exercise books, Bible or Quran, other stationery.


Everyday clothing, everyday shoes, formal clothing, formal shoes, costume clothing, seasonal clothing (hats, scarfs, gloves, sunglasses), departmental outfits (depending on your department), belts, night wear, tights, underwear, handbags and school bag.


Mattress with cover, pillow with cases, laundry bag or kits, rubbish bin, small mirror, clothes hanger or wardrobe, first aid kits.


Towels ( for hands. face and body), toothbrush and toothpaste, sanitary pad( for ladies), make-up (optional), comb or brush, sponge and sponge case, shaving stick or hair removal cream (optional), perfume (optional), soap and soap case, detergents, toiletries bag, other cosmetics, slippers and flip flop.



Laptop and charger, phones and charger, extension box, powerbank, external drive, headphones.

The above items are not compulsory; however, they are very essential for both fresh and returning student to have a stress-free life on campus.


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