Studentpreneur: Entrepreneurship is not just a means of meeting ones end — Adejumo Monzhur Adeyinka

Adejumo Monzhur Adeyinka, also known as WhyKay, is a studentpreneur with brilliant academic records. The interior designer shared about his business, how it started, the challenges faced so far and how it is going. Excerpts…

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us what you do?

I’m Adejumo Monzhur Adeyinka. A student, I am also into painting and interior designs and sales.

Kindly delve into your family and educational background

I am from a polygamous family, I had my elementary school in Oyo State. I am now a 300 level, political science and education student, faculty of education, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Ondo State.

What birth your painting and interior design business?

(Smiles) Let me just say adversities that was penetrated by passion.

How did you get the capital to start? Was it loan from family and friends or your personal savings?

Absolutely personal saving.

How well have you been able to combine business with academics?

Well, just hardworking and determination that the necessary one should not override the compulsory facet.

How do you relate or cope with working for your friends? I mean if any of your friends is in need of your service, how do you relate with them?

I subsidize their fee.

What are the challenges faced so far?

Yes, as if 24 hours is not enough to fulfill daily goals… revocable and irrevocable obstacles.

During examination, what comes first exams or business?

No, exams first, and besides, I have some people that work for me when their need arises.

What is that one thing that gives you vibes about your work?

It’s monumental, not seasonal, it’s what both rich and common man can afford (categorically), It’s evergreen.

Words of encourage for AAUTIES who are also entrepreneurs or about to become a business owner?

Yes, entrepreneurship is not just a means of meeting ones end, it’s the process of manuring unfertilized society to become a better place for existence of mankind.



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