Entertainment Interview: I believe a smile can heal a wounded heart — OT Magic

The realm of magic is an amazing world full of excitement. This correspondent had an exclusive interview with Oluwafemi: a well-known magician, popularly known as OT Magic in AAUA.

OT Magic talked about his journey as a magician, his major challenge and the fun of being a magician.

Can you kindly introduce yourself?

I am Sule Victor Oluwafemi Temitope by name, a 200 level Computer Science student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko. I hail from ondo state

What was your driving factor?

I have been studying magic right from when I was in SSS3, I knew about magic secrets even before I gained admission into tertiary institution. I have been hearing about some magicians in AAUA then, so when I gained admission I did not have it in mind to be a magician but I met a friend of mine, then he was a magician his name is BROWN. He was performing a magic trick for the audience and they were having fun so I walked closed to him and he tricked me. I was amazed and I did a magic trick for him also and I tricked him too, he was surprised and he inspired me to be a magician. His encouragement made me have more interest, so I started studying more about magic till I was good in it. It took me a lot of time and lots of practice, day to day practice so that has made me a good magician today. And we have been friends since then.

What were the challenges you faced? 

When I started, I have this shy attitude of a thing, I am very shy I can’t withstand audience but learn magic, for me it’s kind of so easy even if I couldn’t study all, but I have been trying my best to be impressive. I started as a street magician, I go out on the street and amaze people but there was a night I met this MC in school his name is MC Pharusco, so I showed him some magic tricks and he was surprised and asked if I can show up for a show. I agreed but was having this shy spirit, so I performed and the show happened at OBJ hall and he was so happy because I performed well. He has been calling me for shows to help me make fame in school and I really appreciate it. I still feel shy but it’s not as much as then that show was my first day with a large audience so brown encouraged me and it was successful. So that has been my challenge. Just being shy and when I am shy you will hardly hear what am saying but I can hear myself clearly.

How do you feel being OT-Magic? 

It’s been fun being OT –magic ,with magic I have made a lot friends I can never imagine and have put smile on people’s face and it has also given me the chance to stand where school artists stands because with magic am now a performing artist in school and it has given me fame. I have met awesome people it’s fun being a magician.

Can you tell me about your social life? 

My social life has been fun right from the day I became a magician and apart from magic, I love listening to music and it has been fun and I love my fans.

What is it that people do not know about you?

I am a person of love, integrity and courage, I have always believed in my talent that someday I will find myself at the top and I will never give up. My aim is to put smile on people’s face always because this life is about give and take, you give joy, and you receive yourself, vice versa. I believe a smile can heal a wounded heart; I will always do things to make people smile

What advice do you have for upcoming magicians?

No much advice than to keep on practising day to day, practice makes the best magicians and learn  wide and also think beyond the box


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