Election: Social Sciences Students’ Association writes open letter to SUEC

The leadership of the faculty of social sciences Adekunle Ajasin University headed by Comrade Simon Sunday known as Empire has written an open letter to the AAUASU Students’ Electoral Body in reactions to the disqualification of the two leading aspirants in person of Comrade Adeosun Seyifunmi Francis politically known as Francofone and Comrade Adekunle Folorunsho politically known as Adekunle

It is no longer news that the Students’ Electoral Body in charge of the forthcoming AAUA Students’ Union Elections has disqualified the two leading aspirants due to security reasons.

In a press release issued by the leadership of Faculty of Social Sciences through the President, Comrade Simon Sunday politically known as Empire as pleaded with the SUEC members to reinstate all affected aspirants if there are plans for a pardon in the forthcoming hours instead of allowing one candidate as rumored.

“On this note, we humbly make a public request to the Students’ Union Electoral Committee and the University management that if at all the SUEC members are planning to reinstate the candidate from the faculty of law in person of Francofone then the SUEC should also reinstate the candidate from SOSSA in the person of ADEKUNLE if at all a pardon would be granted in this forthcoming hours,” the faculty added.


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