Effects of low self-esteem in a relationship


Research has it established the link between good self-esteem and relationship satisfaction. Self-esteem does not only affect how we think about ourselves, but how much love we are able to receive and how we treat others, especially in intimate relationship.

Even though communication skills, emotionality and stress influence relationship greatly, a person’s past experience and personality traits affects how these issues are managed and therefore have the greatest bearing on its outcome.

Self-esteem is basically confidence in one’s self worth. Also, the knowledge of one’s own worth or calving one’s self. Self-esteem suffers when you grow up in dysfunctional family. Often, you do not have a voice i.e your opinions desires are not taking seriously.

Low self-esteem affects relationship in so many ways that are challenging for a relationship. There are some relationship behaviors that might mean one has a low self-esteem, coincidentally are, common fight starters, and even breakup fuel, and because this person has probably been battling with low self-esteem for most of his/her life , and through all relationship, one might probably not even notice they are doing this things or they think it is normal. They are not.

Our own sense of self-worth shapes not only how we let others treat us, but how we treat others.


• Apologising for existing
• Being needy or clingy
• Being a people pleaser
• Asking for permission
• Co-dependence
• Cockiness
• Distance
• Cheating
• Being oversensitive
• Not making decisions
• Putting everything into your partner’s goals
• Starting too many fights

How to fix low self-esteem in a relationship.
 • Accepting yourself. This can be achieved by making positive affirmations, i.e making positive words about yourself.
 • Practice self-compassion. Accept that you are human and you having human experience. This will help you remember that you do not suffer alone and that you are connected to others. Allow yourself to experience your emotions.
• Identify your strength and weaknesses.
• Set realistic goals.
• Acknowledge your accomplishment.


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