Dear Woman, Don’t Be Foolish!

In my previous write-up, the men found joy and praised it to the heavens.

Now guys, can excuse us for now while we women have the floor?

Hello my sister, are you ready for some serious conversation?

You see ehn! With this your ‘Bambiala’ attitude, no one will take you serious. Even if a guy is managing you for now, he will run away the day he sees true assets. No one wants a liability in life so let’s start by addressing you as a person!

As a lady, you have so many potentials. You are being blessed by God but many of you don’t know how to show that dignity. What value have you added to yourself over the years?

How well do you take your income seriously? How well do you develop your mind and spirit to catch up with 21st century realities? Abi all you do is Telemundo and Africa Magic?

Throw away the idea that men are scarce, it’s a lie. What is scarce is a husband. When a man wants to just flex and enjoy himself, he does not care how much he spends on such a lady as long as he gets the cookies.

When a man, however, wants to make a marital decision, he sit down to do serious analysis. Men marry for gain and peace of mind which many ladies can’t deliver in this generation.

The reason many of you can’t leave an abusive relationship or a toxic one is because you can’t just do without the financial consolation in it.

You are so useless that a day without someone telling you how beautiful you are you feel useless

Why on earth will you be in such a relationship? Listen to me, if you have some standards, men will respect you. It is all about how you appear and present yourself

Dem toast you yesterday, you don need a new phone today. Tell me, how will such man rate you?

You keep asking for a 2k recharge card every week and you want some respect? You can’t even pay your house rent, buy yourself some nice wears. Get it now, “No one respect beggars”.

If you must command respect, you have to earn it.

Imagine a relationship like this, the guy bought you an iPhone, you bought him a nice knickers

He took you out for dinner, you bought lunch and bring to his house. E go sweet na.

Men want a lady that will help them manage the available resources very well, contribute and help them raise good children, not some tiktok shedibalabala squandering their money.

Also learn to filter who you date. Our mother’s inability to filter is a major reason many of them become single mothers.

Not all men have sense, fools grow old as well. Many of these boys are empty barrels with some naira in their pockets. They can never make a good father, they are fools you should stay away from.

This man you are dating, how sensible is he?

Can he stand for the family in place of prayer? How hardworking is he? How does he lead? How does he react? What quality does he have that I want my children to emulate? How does he carry himself? e.t.c. Ask yourself those questions before you say YES to any man. It’s better to die single than marrying the wrong person

And this your boyfriend that his mother is still controlling, I hope you and the boyfriend have sense?

A man that does not have his own authority should not be your boyfriend. Your boyfriend that still receives slap at home, boyfriend that still steals mum’s money. Seems you and the boyfriend want to jam break up and go re-evaluate your sense o.

Beauty is not an excuse to misbehave. “I’m too beautiful for guys to just stay away from me, they are always on my neck begging me for a chance”.

Begging you for a chance to touch or lay you? And you succumb to such? just because you don’t want to seem STINGY or WICKED or INCONSIDERATE?

This is your body we are talking about o. You didn’t allow them to enter you, but you allowed them to touch your body. You made a video of you touching yourself and send it, send them nudes, twerk for them all because they have been begging you to give them permission to your body and you are feeling fly. Fine girl please don’t make me laugh.

You see those brothers that will come and say “baby, let’s just be dating and see how it goes” They are the grandfather of VISIONLESS RELATIONSHIP.

After 4years of relationship and the possibility of multiple abortion, he will still be trying to see how it goes. My sister I don’t know where you are following him to, but please borrow transport, come back home and let him go alone.

I thought they said love is blind, but how come you still have the eyes to see how it goes.

Ladies demand to know his conviction and if there is a time frame to those conviction. A conviction with a clearly defined goal, conviction with a purpose, not the ones that want to see how it goes, leaving you with multiple sexual and financial compromise before your eye clear. Run away from such men.

You have a plan for yourself. You have a vision God gave you to work with. You have a specific assignment entrusted to you by God.

Is it not an error for you to settle for the ones “let see how it goes”? When you already have a blueprint to work with.

A Huge Error!!

Finally, build yourself up and be independent

Let a man be an addition in your life, not a man becoming your life.

Get to a stage where a man will do everything to keep you because you are an asset. Marriage is more than sex and making babies. Have proper sense.


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