Dear Man, Don’t Be Foolish!

Let’s start by saying,

How about you giving yourself respect first?

How will you wake up in the morning with a boxer and singlet putting on slippers and roaming around the street? Are you almajiri? Don’t you have honour?

Being taken serious in a relationship starts from you taking yourself seriously.

How serious is your own personal life? How focused are you on your own goals ?

My mum will always say, “a child that is fed by his parents does not feed a dog”! Do you want to put a relationship on your head, do you have bearing?

Most times, a relationship goes in the wrong way because there is no vision, direction, leading, purpose etc.

There’s nothing concrete to walk with, just vibes and Insha Allah which should be worked upon.

Now that you are in a relationship or planning to enter one, there are things you should never do as a man.

Never be a weakling: This starts from the proposal stage, stop sending her friends or her friends to her. Go there and speak your mind and if she says no, then move on.

If she says give me time, give her time and space and if she also says yes, fire on.

Never be a friend to a lady that says no to you: Stay away. If a lady says I am not interested but we can be friends, reject that friendship proposal. Don’t be a simp. What you want is a relationship and once that is not there, let each man carry him mama breast, no friendship be sure of what you want

Don’t accommodate listening to stories of a lady you have in mind to propose to. Don’t do it, you will never have the courage to toast her again in this life .

You are not a jobless man, stop being comedians and confidant of another man’s girlfriend. Let her go and meet her boyfriend. Unless you are a relationship counsellor like me or a psychologist that charges for your service, don’t be a listening ear to a lady that has a boyfriend. Let her carry her problem to her boyfriend.

I am warning you now, it does not always end well. You will feel used

Listen to the girl only unless she is your friend and you guys share burdens with good solutions for each other. If not, let her go to God.

Never be a fool in a relationship.

Well, I don’t know how you all do it o.. How can you say you are in a relationship with a lady, yet, you are always the one calling, sending text etc.. And she does nothing in return, even when she sees your call, she will never call back, not until you call again and she will say “oh I just woke up”, “oh I don’t have airtime”.

She does not have #4 to send a message ? She does not have just #20 naira to make a 1 minute call? Are you dating a less privileged person ? Or you are a FOOL!

Can’t you see that you are worth nothing in that relationship?

This is a relationship sir and we are supposed to relate in a ship, energy for energy, vibes for vibes, money for money etc.. But once the thing is one sided, it is no longer a relationship, you are in slavery, “big time slavery”. That is why many of you buy laptops for ladies as birthday gift and all you get on yours is AKUNGBA bread and ‘may you, may you’


Please don’t entertain any lady that says “‘I don’t want people to know we are dating.”

Bro, someone has to know that yes, we can be silent but that does not mean someone can’t know or the one that says “I don’t want my parents to know” hahahaha.

Titi what is going on? I buy phone , I buy laptop, I buy clothes, you carry am go house, your papa no dey ask where you see am? Which one is “I don’t want my parent to know”?

Listen King, avoid any lady that can’t tell her parents she is in a relationship.

Avoid ladies that are virus as well, they only depend on the host. In as much as I advocate support in relationships, please don’t do beyond what her father can not do.

She is not your wife, she is just someone you want to marry. Let her father pay her school fee unless you are dating an orphan.

If she asks you what is beyond you, send her back to her father. Don’t let one lady that can’t ask her father for money stress your life.

If a lady comes to visit you and after 30 minute, she said she is going and you ask her what happens and then she said, “my mum does not know I am here”, tell her not to come back again. If she asks for the reason, let her know that she is not yet ripe enough for a relationship and should stay in her father’s house. Many of such ladies always give one problem in relationship because they don’t know what they are doing in life yet.

Do not send any urgent money. Always ask for reasons why you should send money. Most of the money you send is used to call another man because you are a fool.

Before you start spending on a lady, let the energy be mutual first . Allow things to grow a little.

Not that you met a lady last month and she suddenly need phone today. Small iTunes card wey you collect, you go send am as per the ATM wey you be.

A jobless lady is a NO NO. Let her have her own source of income as well. She must work and bring something to the table.

My mother will always say, “a lazy wife will kill the husband and lazy husband will destroy the wife”. Avoid all these lazy ass girls.

You see them saying, “I just want to sit down and be taken care of”. Many of them na olosho them be and if you commit yourself to such people, you are done for.

Stop chasing women, start chasing money. No woman respects a poor man. If you are broke, bro stay away from relationship unless you see a sensible one that agrees to build with you.

Even at that, you must have small thing coming in. Go after the bag not after bumbum. Don’t frustrate yourself for no reason, you think a lady is too good for you so you don’t want to lose her, that is where most of you go wrong. Have money first and see wonders.

I tell you, no woman, I repeat no woman is above your level. It is poverty that makes you think that some ladies are not in your league. I can tell you over and over again you have all it takes to attract any kind of woman on earth if you have money.

So go for money and stay off toxic relationships

Don’t be a foolish man.

Don’t tell me you don’t know when a lady is not taking you serious.

Once you see that she is just with you because of something, free her and move forward. We have over 4 billion women on earth.

And I tell you again, never be a weak person around a lady, you will be taken for granted. Stand strong and be focused ..

Ko ju be lo

A lady that just left a relationship does not need a new one but a therapist and time to heal.

Bro, don’t date her, let her get over her last relationship. Some ladies go into a new relationship just to show their ex that they have moved on when they have not actually moved on. Don’t let them use you to score a point.

Let her date you because you are you and not because she feels she needs you to get back at her ex. Use your number 6 if you still have it.

Any day a lady opens her mouth and say “you know I am hot cake and you also know how boys use to run after me. If not for what happened, I won’t be here now”.

Either she is joking or being serious, make sure she carries that hot cake to her father’s house that day.

Let the relationship end there and then. Do not allow anybody to date you out of pity or because they don’t have an option. May we not be unfortunate in life

On your birthday, if she only post “A king is born today” on her status without your picture, Dey don carry you handicap. You no even make IG, Tiktok or Facebook. Werey king wo le born?

Pele o

Arole Ooni Ife, King Ofo!

I won’t allow you people to turn relationship to poverty alleviation programme. I no go gree!

Some of our elders that got married, no be so dem do relationship with hypertension. Leave the boys alone, go and meet your father.

If she goes away, let her be. If she comes back, don’t take her back. Forgive but never forget.

Lastly, if she introduces you as just a friend, then you are just a friend. If she says, “Anita meet my friend bayo” uncle bayo, you are nothing but just a friend, but if she says “Anita meet my boyfriend bayo”, then you are her boyfriend. A lady that hides your identity has exposed another identity or she does not rate you.

Get that!!


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  1. It’s very funny on how the author of this article is a lady….. Lol thanks for the head up 😎

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