COVID-19: What You need to know before resumption

2020 is a year which many people don’t pray to experience again in life, starting from the outbreak of coronavirus, the ASUU strike and End SARS protest. 2020 is indeed a turbulent year.

As expected, AAUA student have the believe that school will resume this January, but with the consistent increase in Covid-19 cases, do you still believe that is possible?

Many people don’t believe that this virus is real, they believe the government is just increasing the number of cases in other to make money.

About Coronavirus


Coronaviruses are family of viruses that cause  illness such as respiratory disease or gastrointestinal disease. Respiratory disease according to science, can range from common cold to more several disease.

Coronaviruses got their name from the way they look under a microscope. The virus consist of a core of genetic material surrounded by an evelopen with protein spike. This gives it the appearance of a crown. The word Corona means “CROWN” in Latin.

Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning that the viruses are transmitted between animals and humans.

Expert believe that virus that causes Covid-19 spread mainly from person to person

The virus most often spread through people who have symptoms. But it is possible to pass it on without showing any sign, some people who don’t know they have been infected can spread it to others. This is called asymptomatic spread.

It is very important to know that coronavirus is not easy to prevent, although many schools have put in place some of the preventive measure, AAUA in particular has done a lot of things to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

What is likely to happen if school resumes?

According to an expert, there will be more cases of coronavirus if Schools especially higher institution resume, it explain that if students are forced to take the preventive measure inside the school, are they going to force them outside the school? Is better to be at home safe than to be in school.

Would students adhere to preventive measures on campus?

Many students don’t believe coronavirus is real, which means many of the student will neglect all the preventive measures.

Corornavirus cannot only be prevented through washing of hands.

Social distance can’t work inside school campus, most school managements are trying their best, but most students can’t do without having close contact with friends, many students will surely have fun with friends and all this may actually lead to increase rate of the coronavirus inside the school campus.

Resumption of school is very important for student and Covid-19 might not be easy to prevent inside the school campus.

What is your opinion on this?


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