Following the recent surge in Covid-19 positive cases, the Federal Government under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari recently signed a law regulating daily activities which may lead to further spread of the deadly pandemic.

The regulations, signed on Wednesday, January 27 enforces physical distancing of at least two metres at any gathering.

Offenders under these Regulations is punishable, on summary conviction, by a fine or a term of six months imprisonment or both in accordance with Section 5 of the Quarantine Act.

However, these Regulations shall take effect immediately and remain in effect until otherwise determined. All other Protocols and Guidelines issued by the PTF, NCDC, and or State Governments, except as expressly provided, shall remain in force.

These Regulations may be cited as the Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) Health Protection Regulations 2021.

The protocol also states that no gathering of more than 50 persons shall hold in an enclosed space, except for religious purposes, in which case the gathering shall not exceed 50 per cent capacity of the space.

Any persons that went to a social gathering or open space should adhere to the regulations.

No one shall be allowed at shops, malls, supermarket, leisure parks, Garden and any other enclosed vicinity unless he/she:

– is with nose mask
– washes hand with government approved hand sanitizer
– His or her checked temperature is within the range of 38 degree below

Also the management of an opened organization should ensure they

a. Provide hand cleanser at entrance for those coming in and those coming out
b. Enforce the use of face covering that covers both nose and mouth
c. Provide temperature checking equipment at the entrance of the organization
d. Ensure that customers queue up leaving the minimum of two meters distance between persons.

However, religion gathering should ensure not to share worshipping equipment like scarfs, mats, hymn books e.t.c.

Schools, workplace and banks should
– Ensure compliance to the provision of the given regulations
– Provide cleaning agents at the entrance, ATM machines and other most used area.
– Ensure that suspected covid-19 cases be separated and reported for treatment as soon as possible.

In addition, the health and safety protocols and guidelines are issued by the PTF on Covid-19 on the recommendation of the NCDC and shall be binding on all persons.

Persons confirmed to have tested positive to COVID-19 by an NCDC accredited laboratory, may not refuse isolation and/or admission to a designated health establishment for management of the disease.

All public secondary and tertiary health facilities shall designate a space or holding bay for the initial triage or assessment of suspected persons with COVID-19 in line with the approved protocol for case management.

All public secondary and tertiary health facilities shall establish sample collection centres, where test samples from suspected cases can be collected and transmitted to an accredited testing laboratory in the State.

It was signed that,
– Any person who contravenes the provisions of these Regulations without any reasonable cause commits an offence.

– Any person who, without reasonable cause, obstructs an authorised official from enforcement of these Regulations commits an offence.

In respect of this, students are urged to avoid places like malls, hotels, pools, parties, supermarkets and some other crowded area for the moment.

They should also adhere to all stated regulations as law-abiding citizens to avoid the wrath of the law.


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