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I saw two beautiful pair of shoes produced by AAUA. I decided to put them on, now I am inside the heads of two beautiful ladies. This is what I felt.

As I walked on the podium built in front of a not so easy to please audience, thoughts were running through my mind, still I felt steady, never will I fall and drag the name of a 21st century university into the mud. This is an excerpt from what it would have felt like inside the head of Princess Oluwayemisi Abdul (Beauty Queen).

Stepping onto the stage to deliver my thought provoking speech, memories of my journey so far and how I was going to wow my audience by showing them the 21st century stuff I am made off was running in my head. (What it would feel like to be Miss Oluwadamilola Akintewe, avid speaker)

This is just a remake of what I would have felt walking in the shoes of these two trailblazing AAUA ladies, standing tall among their peers the way a true lady will.

With the Covid-19 outbreak and seemingly unyielding ASUU Strike, one would have thought little could be achieved this year, but in reality, this is an opportunity to achieve even more.

Miss Oluwayemisi Abdul during her unveiling as the new Miss Nigeria

Princess Oluwayemisi Abdul a 300 level student of the department of Psychology went into the Mr and Miss Nigeria International Contest held at the Lekki Astoria Event center with the title of former Miss Psychology AAUA in her bag, and she added the Miss Nigeria crown into her success bag too, what a way to step up.

Alongside 31 other contestants, Princess Oluwayemisi smiled all the way, as she went for gold in the pageantry tagged “The Rebirth Edition“, and was she reborn a champion? My answer to that is a Yes.

For you to stand in a crowd and raise your voice to talk takes confidence, but for you to stand and be tested by the quality of what you have to say takes even more confidence. That is how it is for Miss Oluwadamilola Akintewe an avid speaker.

Oluwadamilola Akintewe

On getting to the East African country of Rwanda for the Miss Career Africa-Summit 2020 held in Kigali, being drafted alongside 20 other participants to pitch their varous ideas based on women empowerment and societal development. Miss Oluwadamilola pitched her idea titled “Forbidden Topics”. A very catchy line if you ask me.

In an interview with our correspondent, she mentioned that the idea “Forbidden topics” was birthed during the Covid-19 lockdown period, and said she wanted to use this to tell the stories of women that were suffering various forms of gender-based violence and cannot voice it out, women that the pains they nurse are not well treated.

Her amazing defence of this concept earned her a crown, (Miss Speaker). And with a voice this powerful you wouldn’t expect her to lay-low, her voice Is an asset she seeks to employ in reshaping the distorted gender-based views of people in the society, and not only to create a developmental space for women but also bring about development for the entire society

Just as being, a beauty queen is not only about beauty but also about your confidence, so also standing to deliver your idea before a crowd and being accepted is no joke. It is safe to say that these two female AAUA students are carrying their confidence with them every they go. What can i say “AAUA to the world”.

In the words of Chinese Philosopher Lao tzu “Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.” As a student, are you developing yourself, are you walking the right walk?

Competence they say brings confidence, so what is it you are grooming yourself to be, are you becoming competent or you are becoming competent at not being competent.

You are on a journey on planet earth and you are with shoes to walk through this journey, so what type of shoes are you using? Is it the one meant for those ready to work on themselves to walk the walk of success?

I must say, these two ladies are putting on real blazing hot shoes with enough momentum to keep them going, I bet you’ll love to use such too! well can you work the work to walk the walk.

Discover yourself first and start small, break the limit. Your small simple steps will amount to much more with consistency and your competency level will rise, you are more than what you think you are. There is a voice in you that need to be heard, get up and start using it.

The question now is, what is the use of a voice that is not heard?



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