The former Student Union President of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, (AAUA) Ondo State, Sampraise was part of the victims that lost their lives to the fatal accident that happened on Saturday, January 23, 2021, when a Dangote truck conveying bags of cement rammed some shops at the University’s main gate.

This piece delves into his background, his achievements, and a dirge to him.

His Background 

On June 25 1998 a star was born into the town of Ikoya in Okitipupa Local government of Ondo state. To his family (The Adesomoju family), he is know as Samuel Tobi Adetoyese,  being the first of four children. While to his AAUA family he was known politically as Sampraise (Ayipada).

Samuel Adesomoju went to St Williams Nursery and Primary school, then attended Emmanuel Royal College between the year 2009-2015 for his secondary school Education, before gaining admission into AAUA in 2015 to study law.

A versatile, versed and virtuous young man, Sampraise didn’t stay long in the Law faculty before his light shone. As a freshman, he was elected as a two time Honourable of Law Student Representative Council LSRC, before being elected as a Faculty SRC senator at the SUG level.

Ayipada didn’t end it there, he was propelled to the National level where he was elected as Law  Students of Nigeria LAWSAN NATIONAL TREASURER, before capping it off as the 17th SUG President and also the youngest ever in the History of AAUA.


The late Adesomoju during an interview

His achievements

Sampraise inherited a Student Union that was still answering questions as to the increment of School fees. Nevertheless, he performed in his own capacity, no doubt. The more reason he coined the nickname “Ayipada” to show that the institution needed new and fresh breath.

Among his achievements was that his administration brought in shuttles on campus, while after the rekindled tussle on school fees, agitated that all fees paid apart from school fees be scrapped and reduced if essential.

During his time as SU President there was a decent increase in electricity off campus, and the momentum as been built upon little by little ever since.

In the school fee payment struggle, there was a shutdown of the school where at the height of the struggle, he inadvertently created a punch line, familiar to many AAUAites “God bless the president”.

A Silent Atmosphere

On January 23rd 2021, Samuel Adesomoju as well as other brilliant students were snatched from the hands of AAUA in a disastrous manner.

Ever since that accident, a gloomy atmosphere has engulfed the University community. Students have termed this day “Black Saturday”. Indeed that day represented the devil’s colour.

Since His demise, tributes as poured from various people who attest to his resourcefulness and to the fact that until his death was an active unionist who put the interest of the students first, against all odds.

Below is a dirge written in honour of the Late former SUG President, the vibrant and active Adesomoju.

Ayipada’s Dirge

On a golden hill you stood, a shining light for all to see
You tread this path with much power, now you we can’t see
The void left by you so large, the cut left by your demise so deep
Ayipada you left us

You never said we’ll see you for yet a short while
We thought we’ll be together for long, then came 23rd
The entourage that took you home, you never said will be for your ending
Ayipada death took you from us

A life you dreamt to live, a legacy you dared to leave
A promising fire you were, a shining light you were
death doused that fire, switched off that light
He spoiled the party you were about starting
Now all that’s left is a deafening silence
Ayipada you went on a lonely journey

These words are like bullets flying out of the pen
These words are crumbs falling from the feast of the mind
These words are thoughts that needed to be painted in black
Though it’s no use crying over a spilt milk
For death is a cross no one can bilk
We hope you’re doing ok up there
Ayipada sùn rè ò

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson “It is not the length of life, but the depth.” Sampraise didn’t have a lengthy stay on this planet, but sure made his mark on the sands of time. His contributions to humanity will stick with us for a long time.

On this soil he drew his last breath, on this land he stood last, AAUA was where he had his last stand. A soldier whose weapon was the pen and his bullets were words, his shield was made of struggle, his helmet was made of aptness and empathy. Forever in our hearts, indeed “God bless the President”.


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