Campus life: An evening encounter with a gang member

One of the characteristics of Akungba-Akoko land is the scorching sun that is unfriendly with the human skin. Every Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko (AAUA) student at some point in time must have struggled to meet up with lecture, test or examination under the blazing sun of Akungba. After a long day in school, I and my friends decided to stay back till evening to study more, since it’s was almost examination period.

We were chatting, laughing and enjoying the night breeze while it lasted on our way home from the evening class as someone suddenly pushed me. In my little preoccupied brain, I was like this person wants to buy milk and malt drink this night, smiles, I turned back and looked at him but I didn’t say anything out as I gave the person the benefit of doubt that it was a mistake.

He went ahead and pushed my friend coming behind me once again without any apology, at this point, we knew he intentionally did it, my friend challenged him by saying, “I saw you hit that lady without saying sorry and you did the same thing to me without apologizing”

To our greatest surprise, the next thing the guy did was to pull out a pocket knife and threatened to kill us without anybody questioning him or mentioning a name. I was shocked but then I had to plead with my friend to leave him as people were already gathering and I didn’t want unnecessary attention or wahala not to talk of seeing anybody’s blood.

It was later we discovered the guy was a freshly initiated gang member who has been given the right to do as he pleases or wishes and he would be protected. Well, anything could have happened that night but I am grateful nothing went wrong.

This is life on campus, as many students have to endure a lot from this set of people, even going to the extent of stalking people, threatening, and forcing them to be a part of them.

Please as a student avoid whatever would bring regrets later in future, and while in campus dread cautiously as you can’t tell who is who by mere looking at the face. Respect people, respect yourself, avoid unnecessary gang and hangout, live peaceably.


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  1. Sadly, this is the country we find ourselves in; no security whatsoever, people just keeping their heads safe from whatever harm might come their way and while doing that they inevitably encounter trouble.

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