#BroCode: How to Dress Well as a Man

By dressing well, a man can give off the appearance of being confident, attractive. One’s attire is one of the first things noticed by others, and these first impressions are long lasting.

With a few simple steps herein, any man can dress to impress every day.

By understanding your own style

Dressing according to trends can be fun, but if it is not appropriate for what you are actually doing at the moment, it can make you look out of place.

You dress to the activities in you and the image you will like to show. You make sure you are projecting the appearance of a professional, competent person in your environment, place of work, office, workshop even at home. If you want to go for an interview ask your contact which kind of attire do their applicants wear either co-operate, business casual or traditional wears…

When selecting clothes consider your charisma

You wanting to dress well do not mean that you suddenly have to pay a whole lot of attention to fashion or be aware of all the trends. Dressing well also does not mean that you have to follow many rules for tailoring. “The way you dress is the way you are going to be address”.

Avoid sacartism statement

Dressing well means showing that you are comfortable being yourself, not hiding behind what your clothes say. Therefore, it is okay to wear clothes that suit your interests but try to avoid walking advertisement, sport wears or musicians for a brand. Avoid clothes displaying offensive words. You will be more attractive if you put in positive images or positive statement.

Find a Good quality clothe that will fit you

Know what cloth that will fit you well. You do not need to have an ideal body to look good in what you are wearing. Clothes can make a big difference in how your body looks, and can give the illusion that you are taller or thinner than you are.

Choose the right colours

When you have combination of cloth, pick the right colours that fit it. Colors can also improve your mood, and combining colours that are a bit trendy can help you look current. A good color should make your skin look healthy, not pale, blotchy, or sickly. Your eyes look clear and bright, not tired. If you have fair skin and dark hair, you might consider wearing clothes that complement this contrast. Wearing a lot of tans or khakis might make you look “washed out.” Take patience to know the colours you picks, how it makes you feel. Also, if you’re not comfortable wearing a particular color, don’t wear it, even if it‘s trendy or the color of your favorite team.

Where clothes quality clothe that you can afford

Second-hand stores are good and great quality items too. Also, buying from an expensive brand does not necessarily guarantee quality. Use your best judgment when picking clothes no matter where you shop. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on clothes, but always look for quality. Plan to spend more money on more important pieces, and less money on trendy items.

Being comfortable

When you are uncomfortable people can tell, and it makes you less attractive. However while it’s comfortable to wear sweatpants, a baggy t-shirt, and running shoes all the time, this makes you look lazy and unkempt.

Note that bad hygiene or posture can ruin even the best outfit. Always make sure you are clean. Smelling bad or looking dirty or sweaty in never attractive.

Get a haircut that is flattering and up-to-date. A good haircut should complement the shape of your face. A good hair stylist can help you choose one. Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed (if necessary), and in good repair. Your clothes will look better if you carry yourself with ease and confidence.

Make it a priority to leave your house well dressed. You never know who will see you. One’s attire is one of the first things noticed by others, and these first impressions are long lasting.

You never know when you will run into the person of your dreams, a potential employer, or a local news crew looking to do a story on your life.



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