In the olden days, wooing a ladies was an action that must be done by all men, irrespective of status. This process is important because only through it can a man create a family.

Folklores revealed that if a guy is interested in a lady, he embark on underground findings either by his friends or family members to know whether the lady is from a good family before opting to courageously profess his love.

Women in the olden days were generally seen to be shy, as compared to modern-day women who are exposed to civilisation and the Western culture.


However, It is no longer news that civilization in some quarters has altered the beliefs and norms held dearly in our society, as characterised by unruly behaviour of teens towards elders and women towards men.


In the quest of this reporter to observe societal views on ladies taking the bold step of asking for a relationship, many opined that it is unadvisable while some beg to differ.

A pastor who spoke on condition of anonymity said no free clocks without a repercussions.

My father once said if any lady summoned courage to ask a guy out , that guy should decline immediately because her motive might be truncating the destiny of the guy“, he noted.

Corroborating his point, he affirmed that if a lady should approach a guy for relationship, the guy should seek spiritual guide from his pastor to know if the lady’s intention is truly love or other side of a coin.

Ologun Oluwatosin, a student of Adekunle Ajasin University urged ladies not to ever try asking a guy out, their feelings nonetheless. He added that if a lady should ask him out, he will only be rolling with her without giving her the love she deserves.

Promise Ogungbemi, a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife said it depends on the guy’s readiness and the rationale on which the relationship will stand.

On his own, Ayodele Tobi Samuel, a student of Rufus Giwa polytechnic, Owo, said nothing is bad in accepting a lady proposal, so far both parties are compatible.


He added that , if the guy is not single, he can decline and there is nothing wrong in a lady asking guy out for relationship.

“If as a guy and I am not in any relationship, a lady asked me out, if she is my type, I will accept the proposal and we move”

But if she is not my idea woman, I will respectfully decline and keep it between us” he said.

On the contrary, Aishat Adebimpe , an AAUA student said asking a guy out as a lady is a big headache and will also reduce the lady’s dignity and respect.

She added that, she can only be more caring toward the guy instead of expressing her feelings.

Probably with my caring act, he might start having same affection towards me“, she said.

If I see a guy I admire, I will walk up to him and tell him he is handsome, and it is left to him to either shoot their shot or ignore“, said Lisa Blessing a student of AAUA.

Speaking, Ayomikun Iyanoye stated that it is not advisable for a guy to accept such offer.

Most of our ladies are from marine kingdoms, they might seen the guy glory, their main reason for the relationship might be to destroy the guy future“.

“No new thing under the sky and wooing a guy isn’t a problem for me. In as much as I know I love him, I will walk up to him and if he reject me, it’s fine. Life move on“, this was a statement by a responder who also pleaded for anonymity.

Adekunle Oluwatobi on his part said as a guy, if a lady should profess her love towards him, he won’t because of that start a relationship with her unless he has interest in her.

A lady professed her love to me and I wasn’t interested in the first place. Because of the pressure and what she was going through, I had to accept her but after years, I broke up with her because she seems useless in my eyes whenever we are together“.

If I had interest in her already, I won’t mind starting a relationship with her



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