Not less than 3 persons were burnt to death after two vehicles collided due to break failure leading to fire outbreak in Akungba-Akoko.

This accident occurred at a popular junction known in Akungba as BLUE ROOF JUNCTION as exactly 12:45am on Wednesday, March 17. This was recorded as the second fatal accident happening within Akungba community after the incident on January 23 at the University’s Main gate in which a truck belonging to Dangote Group crashed into nearby shops, claiming lives and properties.

It was gathered that the collision between the two J5 occured as a result of break failure and not over-speeding, due to the topography of the roads.

The two buses were heading in different direction, in which one of the buses was transporting kola nut, while the other was transporting wears such as clothes, shoes and others. In the process of this collision the two buses ran into each other.

According to our sources, the burnt persons weren’t rescued due to the lateness of the occurrence. It was discovered that there was nobody available at the scene to rescue them


After the incident, the leadership of Student Union headed by Comr. Obagunwa Oluwasegun (Supreme) confirmed to our sources that no student of the institution was affected in the recent horribly incident that occurred

The members of the Nigeria Police Force were immediately contacted and they came by  taking away the dead bodies as at that moment. At the early hour of 6am, they came back to pack the damaged goods and maintained orderliness on the road.


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