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An exclusive interview with an aspirant, Oyinbo Samuel, vying for the top seat in the department of Philosophy. Excerpts…

Give a brief introduction about yourself.

I am Oyinbo Samuel Iyanuoluwa, politically and philosophically known as IYANISM, A 300L student of philosophy, AAUA and a contestant for the post of National Association of Philosophy Student president, AAUA chapter.

Tell us little about your educational background.

I attended St Francis RCM primary school, Akure where I served as the Senior prefect back then, and graduated from Oyemekun Grammar School Akure between 2011- 2017, where I served as the Social prefect. In my secondary school days, I was a member of the press club, and also a member of Literary and debating society.

What position are you contesting for?


Why NAPS 001 and not SU 001 since SU is more lucrative and more prestigious and respected than NAPS 001?

Smiles, Thank you very much for the question, whether NAPS 001 is lucrative or not respected, I am not contesting because of what I will gain, I am simply aspiring because I felt NAPSITES need a SERVANT LEADER, with this I want to serve my people and want my actions to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and fight for their rights the more through pragmatic and diplomatic means.

Have you ever held any leadership position before or presently?

Through appointment in NAPS I was once a member of the electoral committee, and also a two time member of the Public Relation officer Committee in Philosophy department.

How did those positions build you to contribute to the development of philosophy department?

During those periods, I can vividly say one of the fairest election was conducted, and Information were disseminated on time for NAPSITES to Know the state of affairs of the association, and with these I tried to make my obligations as important as possible.

Why do you think you’re capable of being the president of NAPS, have you forgotten the students in the department are close to a thousand, how do u think you’re capable of controlling this large number of people?

Leadership is an innate characteristics, which cannot be placed side by side with any other enigmatic attribute of a human being, and also I always work in tandem with John Rawls idea of Fairness, when you are fair to all, you are their choice.

As a member of public relations officer committee of NAPS, what were the developments recorded in your name as one of the PRO committee member?

It is Crystal clear that the duty of the PRO is to disseminate correct and reliable information to the people at the appropriate time, I was representing my level then, and I carry them along by broadcasting and giving them update about Events, or other effective changes in the Association. In accordance to this, I serve the people reliable information they can count on, and with this NAPS, AAUA chapter has moved forward, that was one of the reasons why I was nominated at two different consecutive time.

Share with us, some of the challenges you faced being a two time member of PRO committee of NAPS?

I thank God, for the kind of energetic and logically wise individuals I serve under, in person of Senator Little OJO and Comrade Divine, they orientated me to a large extent that I was able to perform the various task given to me, although the journey wasn’t easy, but I was able to do my best. There are challenges, at first we were faced by poor usage of the Social media, but later on, we stepped up by using WhatsApp and Instagram.

How did you feel after becoming a committee member of philosophy department?

Philosophy department has always been my home, so when I was nominated, I feel good and challenged, that is why I put more efforts in discharging my duties.

Share with us your relationship with other executives like the president and the host of others when you were a member of NAPS PRO committee?

I have a sound and good relationship with probably all of them, truth be told, human being will always be a human being. I enjoy working with them from the president to the least person among the executives.

How do you feel after becoming one of the members of Public Relations Officer committee of philosophy department?

Philosophy department has always be my home, so when I was nominated, I feel good and challenged, that is why I put more efforts in discharging my duties.

If I may ask, what are your mandates for the position of NAPS 001 you’re contesting for?

To be pragmatic, frank and sincere, I will never promise Heaven and Earth, all I have for my people is an all-round welfarism; be it academics, social and increase the well-functioning of the e-library and library to all members of the association, and to maintain a cordial relationship between Student and Lecturers of Philosophy department.

If you were to advise the present president of philosophy department, what advice will you give to him?

The president is a philosopher, but if need be, Everyone knows exam is fast approaching, and Academics is our primary aim on campus, the advice to Mr. President is that he should rekindle the candle of the departmental tutorials, so that students from all levels will benefit from it.

Come NAPS election, 2021, why do you think NAPSITES should vote you?

By the virtue of Almighty Olodumare, Napsites have seen my quota to make NAPS progressive, both in the academics sense and other aspect, I am always a man of my word, NAPSITES should vote IYANISM because, with my understanding of the philosophical lens of John Rawls political philosophy, the interest of the people will be prioritized.

Briefly address NAPSITES as they prepare for 2019/2020 second semester examinations in accordance to the upcoming election of the association.

To my Dearest NAPSITES, the character and learning in The University’s anthem should not be taking with levity, I beseech Everyone not to also forget the Unmove Mover, which the Yorubas call “Olodumare”, in our daily activities and please let us all live in love and at the same time remember examinations are near, please let us read and be prepared on time for the forthcoming examination.
Yours Truly, IYANISM.


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