#AkungbaRoad: Shall we rise up? | By Patrick Owolabi

The situation of Akungba road is no longer a news to [we] AAUAITES, and we are running against time and at this time silence is not golden. We must do something. Let’s raise our voices now.

If you recall there were series of accident on the said road before and after [we] Students resumed. On 23rd [Saturday] of January this year, a day we’ll never forget in the history of AAUA, when a truck rammed into shops around the University gate where it claimed the lives of many students and residents including my own very brother from the same town, Former SU President  Comrade Sampraise, my very close friend [coursemate] Joseph and others important students.

Nothing has changed since then except the school big gate that remain locked, a cash-out barricade and the said undeveloped ‘market’ they’re relocated to school campus.

For the past few weeks, we can see how heavy trucks finally resumed to Akungba road despite the fact that we have not healed from yesterday’s injury. Shall we continue like this? For for how long?

Yoruba ni ‘Iku tó pa ojugba ení, owé lo fí pa fun ni’ before we start trending #Pray4Akungba and #AkungbaAgain, let’s stand up and speak out.

A better society can be built, where our lives are secured but evil continues when good people do nothing.

Oppressors never stand up from the necks of the exploited. Freedom is never given, you can only take it.

What we’ll the fate of the students coming from Medoline and Cele Busstop?

What we’ll the hope of Ibaka people and students residents in the street?

To all religious leaders in AAUA, freedom will never come from sit and pray, prayer without action is nothing.

To all writers in AAUA, freedom will never come by sitting and be writing in your comfortable zone, action speaks louder than gun.

To all AAUAites, this is a clarion call to everyone, we haven’t healed from yesterday wound, but who knows what will happen tomorrow? Those who escaped the ill of yesterday [may] likely be tomorrow victim [If] we failed to rise up to our responsibilities.

Let’s come together and say NO to Trucks in Akungba road, the scripture says “Affliction shall not rise for the second time”

 Its either NOW OR NEVER!!!

Let’s resist and demand #WeAreTired #TheLivesOfAauatiesMatter #SayNoToTrucksInAkungbaRoad #AkungbaPeopleLivesMatter.

Concerned AAUATIES

This piece has been published on AAUA INSIDER with very minimal editing to preserve the original voice and views of the author. By Patrick Owolabi.


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