#AkungbaIgbeyin: ‘We Tried Frying Puff-puff With Palm Oil’- Sophomore

My name is Aishat. I gained admission to study Sociology at Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko around 2019 but resumed January 2020.

During my first week after resumption, I heard of what they call AKUNGBA IGBEYIN which I knew nothing of then (it was later explained to me by a close friend, Faith)

After the explanation, I felt the AKUNGBA IGBEYIN is not for me because I came from a well stable family where 3-square meal per day is not a problem unless you are not hungry.

I forgot the Nigerian slang that says;

Head wey go chop cane, even if e dey heaven, e go come back to earth

The real Akungba Igbeyin surfaced in my 100-level second semester days when despite bringing enough foodstuff and money, it finished before the half of the semester

I started with eating just twice per day and also cooking jollof rice with palm oil. A close friend of mine called it TRAP.

At a point, I thought the so-called TRAP is a normal food for all undergraduate to have once in a while until it became my daily routine.

I’m the type that select food that I eat, what my parents call Àṣàjẹ. I don’t eat out too, be it at friends’ house or at a canteen. It’s just not my thing. So I eat and manage what I have, even if it is not enough.

My story upgraded to drinking cassava flakes (Gààrí) twice a day and waiting for the Good Lord to provide Maana for the rest of the day. 

I then realised that being in higher institution is not a child’s play because I can’t keep requesting money from home every now and then. I personally hate asking for money.

I remember when I and my friend was stranded and has nothing to eat, it was then we tried frying puff-puff with palm oil. Funny right? I know.

What else have I not tried when Akungba Igbeyin comes? Fasting for two weeks round because of no foodstuff? Have you tried cooking soup with ground pepper and tomato paste only? White rice without pepper except palm oil? Have you tried beans porridge with melted butter? Going on a hunger strike for 4 days?

Akungba Igbeyin really showed me a tough time which will be shocking to reveal but it’s quite fun because I learnt a lot during those days.


Editor’s note: This article is published with minimal editing to retain the intent of the author.


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  • Alabi Aishat Adebimpe

    Alabi Aishat Adebimpe, hailing from Iwo Osun state. A sociologist and a poet who has always wanted to pursue a reporter as a career. An outspoken and a dedicated lady who is keen on exploring unexpected angels.

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  1. Iwo Olodu Oba. This actual remind my days in the higher institution where we had our own igbeyin thing as Esa Igbeyin because the school I attended is Oscotech, Esa-Oke.

    It was fun to be honest.

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