Academic-Relationship Balance

Hello lovers, welcome to AAUA insider Relationship corner. Today on Episode 1, we’ll be looking at Academic-Relationship Balance

  Ofcourse almost all students have one or two mutual and unmutual relationships with one another on campus, you cannot be all alone without a friend, companion, coursemate, church mate, or villa mates.
You would want to agree with me that whatever group of friends you choose to move with can either give you Academic excellence or Academic failure.

Most students on campus either as a fresher or staylite, do not and cannot manage their relationship with people without getting influenced either positively or negatively, if you are being influenced positively, you are safe, if you are influenced negatively your life, Academics and Career is at stake!.

    I know some people will not agree with me(under the umbrella of flexing), we say to ourselves that we enjoy our youthful stage just once, so, all in the name of pleasure or enjoyment, we tend to nuture friendship/relationship with the wrong people, thereby having a serious effect on our academics.

  Yes, you might start to say in your mind right now”who education help”, my dear school might not look helpful and promising but not Education, PAY ATTENTION TO IT!!! With all deligence, there will always be a place for you .

     Back to our topic,so as a youth on campus, we get attracted to the opposite sex, for different purposes(for friendship,either platonic or deep friendship, for companionship), getting attracted to the opposite sex is very normal, ofcourse you might find a lady or guy that matches your energy, or that speaks, walk or do things in a way that looks so enticing to you, in one way of the other, you start feeling this special sensation of wanting to spend more time with the person, at the long run, most of us are doing it the very wrong way such that it affects every other activities both academically and non-academically.

well the truth is, a friendship or relationship is not supposed to have a negative effect on your school activities both academically and non- academically, such friendships or relationship is supposed to be a platform or a tool of growth and development to one’s life as a student.

       I will not like to talk about the common negative effects that wrong friendship and relationship has caused among students, i want to assume we all know, see and hear different catastrophe. In our next episode we will be talking about how to manage or balance your relationship with academics in such a way that you’ll enjoy more positivity than negativity.

Until then, please stay cool and enjoy your week.


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