AAUASU001: My mandate is to have an unselfish, collective unionism – Master B

As the heat of the Student Union election is increasing with common and breathtaking greetings from aspirants at major places on campus, AAUA INSIDER decided to greet the ‘political greeters’ and engage an aspirant for the position of the President of the Union – Adinlewa Bisodun ‘Master B’ in an exclusive interview. Excerpts…

Kindly give a brief introduction of yourself.

My name is Adinlewa Bisodun Joseph. I’m known as MASTER B from Faculty of Arts, precisely from the department of Linguistics, 300 level.

Tell us about your education background.

I started my education background in Ondo. At St Helen’s primary school and I finished in 2006. I started my secondary school in 2007-2012 at OGS (Ondo Grammar School). Engaged into NCE program in Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo where I studied English/History and I concluded it in 2016. Also enrolled into a professional course in that same year 2016 to 2017. Then I finally gained admission into AAUA in that same year till now.

How does your experience prepare you ahead of this position you are aspiring for?

Albeit, through my years of studies in school then, I have friends that are active in school unionism which I also participated tirelessly then in my school, which I was once an honorable. I know what it takes when it comes to power and a lucid leadership not a dealership.

How would you feel if elected as the Student Union President?

I will count it as an opportunity from above (divine) to render the true and sincere service.

What are your campaign mandates?

Altruistic unionism. This is a union that is meant not to be egocentric but a collective unionism. In one word, unselfish unionism.

What are the challenges faced so far while campaigning?

Albeit, when it comes to power and getting it, it takes an extra effort which entails; time, stress, energy, finances. Even at times a debilitating and exasperating look from people, because people are myopic, they don’t really know the reason behind your vision but they can only picture the mission. Thus, I guess the campaign has not really gotten to the apex, so the little we are still able to do so far that’s what it entails and I said it earlier that I have once served during my NCE days. I know how people normally feel when it comes to taking the mantle of leadership.

How are you going to work with your co-working executives if elected?

Well, it’s like asking a father how he will manage the affairs of the family. Well, everyone has his or her own portfolio, but notwithstanding being the head of an institution, committee, community etc. As a leader, not a dealer, there should be a particular time that should be designated to ensure meeting. Just as we know in every setting, there is always a head. Even in church, the workers in church always have time to ensure meetings in order to plan ahead. Just as we know if one fails to plan, the reverse will be the case. So to have a Bonita and Preciosa union, all hands must be on deck that’s why anyone who will like to serve should shun lackadaisical attitude that’s when the union can be altruistic.

What are you preparing to achieve if elected?

What will be an indelible mark not only in the school but in the lives of the students, which will forever be an epoch.

Give a message to all AAUAites and those aspiring for different positions.

Well, I believe leadership is not about title but value, leadership is not about giving out speeches or being liked or attractive but is about generating result. The reason for giving out this is that most of our people don’t understand true leadership. They go miles in getting power and according to biblical word, ‘All power belongs to God.’ Thus, I want us to know that as an aspirant, if you are able to win or you have an opportunity to serve in any position, serve diligently because whatever you do today, history will tell tomorrow. Whatever path you are, make an impact. And if you go interior in searching for power, don’t forget you only have limited time in the office. And don’t forget that one day, you will become a stranger in that same office. Let’s put everything in God’s hands because whosoever God wants there will surely be there and if not emerge, it shows this is not where He (God) wants you to function but he is preparing you for the task ahead (future).


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