AAUASU001: I want to serve, not rule the union – Multiple

As the heat of the Student Union election is increasing with common and breathtaking greetings from aspirants at major places on campus, AAUA INSIDER decided to greet the ‘political greeters’ and engage an aspirant for the position of the President of the Union – Kola Olumide ‘Multiple’, the winner of the SOMASSA primary election in an exclusive interview. Excerpts…

Kindly introduce yourself.

I’m Kolade O. Olumide popularly known as Multiple. I’m a 300 level student of Mass Communication and I’m contesting for the seat of AAUA Student Union President.

Prior to this time, do you believe that you are going to win? If yes, what gave you the confidence?

Yes, I have the belief I will win the election. That’s because I always determine to be successful in all my dealings.

I’m sure that in few occasions you have expected so much but got below expectations. Did you think you didn’t aim for the best? Or God’s factor came to play?

It is not that I didn’t aim for the best but at times one may encounter difficulties but hope keeps me moving. I don’t give up till the mission is accomplished.

Now that you have won the primary election in your faculty, how do you feel and what are your plans toward the big election?

Well, after the primary election, I see my mandate as a divine mission that must yield a positive result. For the general election, I think determination and consistency will make the admiration and the dreams achieve what I am willing to serve.

What are the special things that you believe you need to offer that will make you ahead over other candidates?

My aspiration is in conformity with the cardinal objective for the advancement of greater good of all AAUAites. Earlier this year, on 20th January, I distributed hundreds of nose masks as well as sanitizers to students in a bid to compliment the effort of combating the wanton spread of Coronavirus. Upon resumption in January, I went to Akure-Akungba motor park to seek for reduction of transportation fare. At this juncture, I’m still much committed in agitating for the students’ welfare.

If possible you lose the election, how would you feel?

With a sense of humility I can say that I have always been a winner and will continue to been a winner it’s not over confidence but determination because determination determines destiny.

How can you describe your relationship with the current executives?

Nothing really much, they are my leaders and I respect them a lot.

What message do you have for AAUAites?

Leading is serving I want to serve and not to rule the union let’s move the train of a new revolution of leadership coupled with a fresh ideas and innovations that will seek for proper welfarism and promote AAUA student Unionism holistically
‘Think A new, Act A new.’


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