AAUASU SRC suspends SU General Secretary over alleged constitution violation, files allegations against PRO

The Students Representative Council (SRC) of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, at its first sitting on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, suspended the General Secretary of the Union, Taiwo Oluwagbogo Joel, popularly known as Joelistic Joel over allegations bordering constitution violation.

The first sitting at the second semester preliminary meeting presided over by Honourable Amodu, also known as Eja-nla was to iron out issues and allegations levelled against some members of the Students Executive Council (SEC).

After observing the necessary protocols, the Congress proceeded to deliberate on the allegations leveled against the Student Union welfare Director, Ridwan Oseni, known as Oscent, who had been suspended by the SRC.

Embattled Welfare Director letter

Ridwan oseni Omosola (Oscent) was impeached by the SRC on March 11, 2021.

The Press released read in part, ” This is to notify all AAUAITES and host community that the Welfare Director of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko Student Union (AAUASU) Comrade Oseni Ridwan Omosola, politically Known as Oscent has been impeached by the Student Representative Council (SRC) today being the 11th day of March, 2021.

“The Legislative Arm of the Union invoked its inherent power under S69 of the Constitution of the Student Union over the erstwhile Welfare Director’s negligence of duty, gross misconduct (unruly behaviour, verbal assault on Distinguished Senators) and some actions unbecoming of a Student Executive Council (SEC) member.”

Ridwan Oseni in his letter of apology sent to the House, which was read at the Congress pleaded to be pardon, stating that such occurrence will not repeat itself. He said, “I am not here to justify my action but to apologize for my wrong doings.”

While looking into his apology letter, the house set up a committee, which will examine the actions of the Welfare Director, Ridwan Oseni , which are “negligence of duty, gross misconduct (unruly behavior, verbal assault on distinguish senators) and some actions unbecoming of a Student Executive council (SEC) member.”

Allegations against Public Relations Officer

At the Congress, allegations against the Student Union Public Relations Officer (PRO) and image maker, Adegbeyeni Oluwafemi popularly known as Barryfem  filed by the Nigerian Universities Education Students Association (NUESA), Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko chapter.

“The above mention Association wrote to report AAUASU PRO Comrade Barryfem the honourable senators upon what transpired between Barryfem and our associates Liberian (Comrade Peter Pan) who is also a representative for Adult Education 200level Students n faculty of Education.

“On the 9th April 2021, the AAUASU PRO in person of Comrade Barryfem mud the integrity and personality of our dear stakeholders and embarrassed our dear faculty. On that fateful day he was invoke in a conversation on WhatsApp in the group of class rep of the institution due to some things discussed that was not sitting right with him. Then he lashed out on the class representatives of adult education 200level in person of Comrade Peter Pan and then he [Barryfem] sent him [Peter Pan] home to Faculty and his department that him [Barryfem] is superior and no match to his faculty stakeholders.”

Other leveled allegations against him [Barryfem] were commercializing of his WhatsApp Status, which ought to serves as a means of disseminating information to the Students populaces as well as lateness in dishing out information on time.

While reacting to the allegations, Comrade Adegbeyeni Oluwafemi Barryfem said that, his aim is to enlarge the scope of information in ensuring students get information even though they are not on WhatsApp platform, Telegram, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Corroborating his point on the allegations, he opined that he only reacted to the voice note sent to him from Peter Pan as a normal human being will do. He said, “I over reacted when I lost my sanity as human being”.

Looking into his appeal, the House affirmed that Adegbeyeni Oluwafemi Barryfem should write a ‘colourful’ apology letter and paste it across all the notice boards in the school, as well as signing of an undertaking letter.

More so, to sign a letter not to commercialize his WhatsApp platform and not to collect money from AAUAites who want to advertise their products.

The house also constituted a committee, which will look into the allegations leveled against the Public Relations Officer, if he worth to be suspended within 7 working days.

Suspension of General Secretary, Taiwo ‘Joelistic’ Joel

Reading their report on the General Secretary offences on failing to ‘present statement of account and breakdown of expenditure, writing and pasting of an apology letters to all the notice boards across the school premises, after he had refused to present a statement of his account and breakdown of expenditure used for raising money for the dead and injured students during the accident that occurred on January 23 at the school main gate, when a Dangote truck rammed into shops to claim lives of students and residents of Akungba land.”

The report read, “The committee to look into allegations leveled against the students union general secretary which are; Violation of section 34, sub section IV of the Students Union constitution and the Violation of section 34, sub VI of the students union constitution.”

In its view, the committee discovered that the General Secretary has neither presented a statement of account and breakdown of expenditures as regards the first offence and that he has refused to paste an apology letter as directed by the SRC as regards the second offence.

Committee’s recommendation

The committee hereby proposed that the general secretary be suspended for two months during, which he [Joelistic Joel] will have to present the statement and breakdown of expenditure and as well paste the apology letter as earlier directed by the students representatives Council.”

After hearing the report, the House at large agreed that the general secretary of the students union, Comrade Joelistic Joel be suspended for two months and if failed to present the statement of accounting and break down of expenditures and pasting of apology letter across all the notice boards, the house will kick off his impeachment process with immediate effect.

SRC to get a new Macebearer

Following the unhealthy condition of the current macebearer and inability to carry out duty assigned to him, the students Senate president, RT HON. Amodu Abiola has inaugurated a five-man panel to provide a new macebearer for the house before next sitting.

Office SIM card for SU PRO

At the end of the Congress, it was proposed that a SIM card should be provided for the Student Union Public Relations Officer, for proper discharging of his duty and motion for adjournment was moved for the next sitting.

As at the time of filing this report, all efforts to to reach the General Secretary and Public Relations Officer was fruitless.


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