AAUASU CUP: Faculty of Education Defeats Faculty of Science to Retain Trophy

The Faculty Of Education football team has defeated Faculty Of Science football team to retain the Student Union’s Cup trophy.

The engaging final match of the competition was played at AAUA sports complex. In attendance was the chief coach of the school team and the Sports Director of the AAUASU, known as Lovebayor.

Arguably, Faculty Of Education dominated the entire match and recorded multiple of the chances created, however, Sciences goalkeeper denied most of the shots.

The match came to absolute disruption when a player from Faculty Of Science was elbowed by his opponent which led to protest by the fans and Faculty Of Science’s bench.

However, the player managed to get away with it without been booked as it was out of the referee’s sight.

The encounter ended goalless after 90 minutes of play as the match went into penalty shootouts and Faculty Of Education came out victorious with a 7:6 win over Faculty Of Science.

The medal presentation was postponed by institution’s chief head coach as players from Faculty Of Science protested non-inclusion of silver medals on the medal’s tray. In his words, the Varsity’s school team chief coach, “the medals will be presented to the players once the silver medals are available for the second position.”

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