A vehicle conveying sachet water from the institution’s factory has allegedly crashed into the fence of Pioneer hostel, one of the female residential halls in the school premises.

The clash, which led to a partial collapse of the fence, happened on Sunday, July 25. An eyewitness who resides at the hostel disclosed that the incident can not be attributed to the influence of alcohol or mechanical failure.

“We were in our hostel last week when we heard the sound. After rushing down to the scene, we saw the fence has been broken by the vehicle” said the student, who pleaded for anonymity due to fear of reprisal.

When contacted to ascertain if the fence got broken as a result of brake failure, alcohol influence, or smoking, the officers at the pioneer portal lodge said they can not comment on the broken fence.

“If you truly want to know the reason and our reactions, you will tell us those your confidential sources who gave you the information that it was hit by the school pure water vehicle, ” said one of the porters at the hostel.

The aforementioned student, in further attempts by AAUA INSIDER to verify the incident, disclosed that it occurred before the popular Fearless Concert that had popular entertainers Mayorkun, Woli Agba and the ‘Outside’ crooner, Buju present at OBJ Hall.

“If I am right, it happened before the Fearless Concert held on Sunday 25th of July,” she said.

The students further stressed the need for the reconstruction of the fence for security purposes.

As at press time, AAUA INSIDER observed that blocks needed for the reconstruction of the broken area of the fence have been made available. However, it is not yet certain if work will commence in earnest.



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